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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2016 Issue №02

Mathematics and computer science
Hierarchies of smooth manifolds up to zeroth and first orders
Author: Shevchenko Yu.
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A description of hydrodynamic and thermal processes by blowing steel in the ladle
Author: Veryovkin V., Veryovkin S.
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Fields of fundamental and captured geometrical objects of the 2nd or-der H-distribution of affine space
Author: Popov Ju.
Article: Download
Giving the 1st order affine connection by means of the 2nd order vector-valued forms
Author: Polyakova K.
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About one training course of mathe-matical modeling
Author: Matsievsky S., Gasnikov A., Garibyants A.
Article: Download
Invariant normalizations and É. Cartan equips of main structural subbundles of SH-distribution
Author: Budylkin A.
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Theoretical and experimental physics
Inertial oscillations induced by the propagation of the Vis-tula Lagoon waters in the coastal zone of the Southeastern Baltic Sea
Author: Yurov V., Yurova A.
Article: Download
А circuit of negative feedback by noises for the oscillator with varicaps
Author: Savchenko M., Starovoitova O.
Article: Download
On the question of increasing the range of properties of the asymmetrical vibrator
Author: Ponimatkin V.E., Shpilevoy A.A., Kuzelev A.A.
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Two tasks of formation the system of purpose. 1. Analysis of pur-poses
Author: Lukjanova L.
Article: Download
Dynamics of falling rotating particle. Part 1
Author: Velikanov N., Naumov V., Koryagin S.
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