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The purpose of science is to transform all that exists into thought
Alexander Herzen

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2014 Issue №12

Russian history
Crafts of peasant women in the north-western provinces of Russia in the late 19th/early 20th century
Author: Nikulin V.
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“Russian Lithuania,” as seen by N. Ustryalov
Author: Megem M.
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Foreign history
Isaac René Guy Le Chapelier and the Flight to Varennes: sum-mer — autumn, 1791
Author: Ignatenko Yu.
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Mary Crawford Fraser and Alice Mabel Bacon on the Japanese society of the late 19th/early 20th century
Author: Kuznetsova V.
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The prime of Jimmy Carter: The 90th anniversary of ex-President
Author: Tishakova E.
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Regional history
The secret of Moritzfelde
Author: Aleksandrov K.
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The renaming of district centres in the Kaliningrad region in 1946
Author: Maslov V.
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Private subsidiary farming: From the history of everyday life of Kaliningrad kolkhozes (1946—1953)
Author: Kostyashov Yu.
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The social phenomenon of pilfers at factory No. 820 in the first post-war years (1946—1953)
Author: Reut E.
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The 100th anniversary of the First World War
The modern historiography on the gender aspects of the history of the First World War
Author: Dementyev I.
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Family, duty, and honour in the First World War: Problems of the everyday life of the German military elite
Author: Lannik L.
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A testimony of the First World War: Käthe Kollwitz’s cycle War (1922—1923)
Author: Sharp I.
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A triumph and tragedy of two generals
Author: Kretinin G.
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Time in N. O. Lossky’s ideal realism
Author: Savintsev V.
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A cognitive approach to argumentation and message produc-tion
Author: Khizanishvili D.
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Multiculturalism and morality in a globalised public space
Author: Ananyeva E.
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Political science and sociology
The concept of paradigm in the theories of R. Merton and T. Kuhn: A comparative analysis
Author: Rybakova V.
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Symbolical interactionism: A methodology for ana-lysing processes in an administrative system
Author: Krivosheeev V., Makarov S.
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Human capital of young public and political figures: A resource approach
Author: Barsegyan V.
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Political competition and consolidation in the process of Eurasian in¬tegration
Author: Iskakov I.
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The First World War in the assessment of his contemporaries: the government and Russian society
Author: Maltseva T., A. Chumakova A.
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Kaliningrad archives materials and studies: Sat. Art. / Ed. V. Maslov.
Author: Yartsev A.
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