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My faith is the belief that happiness will be given to humanity by scientific progress
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2016 Issue №01

Psychology of dreams about the future
Author: Berestnev G.
Article: Download
Cognitive and speech characteristics of an author of a mnemonic text
Author: Kuzmina S.
Article: Download
Intelligence in the Russian linguistic consciousness
Author: Kamalova A.
Article: Download
Metaphoric vectors of time
Author: Konnova M.
Article: Download
Peripheral means to express incentive modality in the public service announcement discourse
Author: Sobko T.
Article: Download
Means to express implicit judgements about characters in N. V. Gogol’s poem Dead Souls and its translation into German
Author: Bulataya E.
Article: Download
A programming language and translation
Author: Gajda R.
Article: Download
Literary studies
‘Term memory’ and its varieties in the history of the genre nomination of English novel
Author: Vladimirova N.
Article: Download
On the correlation between the terms poly-discoursivity and inter-discoursivity
Author: Ierusalimskaya A.
Article: Download
The biblical anthoponyms Jospeh the All-comely and Mary Magdelene in Marina Tsvetaeva’s poetic interpretation
Author: Steshenko M.
Article: Download
Pedagogy and psychology
Practical classes in mathematics as a means to develop the research competence in students of technical universities
Author: Artishcheva E., Sinitisina T.
Article: Download
The contribution of TV commercials to the development of self-care behaviour in the youth
Author: Alimpieva A., Selivanova A.
Article: Download
The pedagogical conditions of self-care socialisation in primary school students
Author: Simaeva I., Sautina A.
Article: Download
‘Learned helplessness’ in older preschool children with arrested mental development
Author: Zalevsky G., Zavertyaeva A.
Article: Download
A theoretical framework for consulting in the field of a university professor's professional activity
Author: Pelmenev V., Lukashenya Z.
Article: Download
Developing autonomy in students in linguistics in the context of the SEAGULL international multi-language project
Author: Tambovkina T., Rozhkova O.
Article: Download