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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2016 Issue №01

Mathematics and computer science
Strongly associated threefold distributions of projective space
Author: Popov Ju.
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Use of the Z-scheme in an Rayleigh-Taylor instability model
Author: Kashchenko N., Matsievsky S.
Article: Download
Mathematical model of the robotic car in the simulator Gazebo
Author: Koryagin E., Tolstel’ O., Hutornoy D., Chelyadinskiy A.
Article: Download
A mathematical model of conversion of GaAs substrate into thin GaNxAs1-x films obtained by nitridation of porous GaAs substrate
Author: Revenko A.
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Theoretical and experimental physics
The calculation of the spectrum of nuclear quadrupole resonance deuterium replaced methyl group
Author: Ivanov A., Talatay A., Khalikov A.
Article: Download
Side resonances in diamond: Impact of hyperfine and nuclear quadrupole interactions
Author: Ivanov A., Ivanov A.
Article: Download
The choice of structural materials for thermo thruster on clean monopropellant
Author: Goza D., Nesterenko A., Rumyantsev A.
Article: Download
Using iodine gas as the working fluid for stationary plasma thrusters
Author: Zarakovskiy A., Rumyantsev A.
Article: Download
A method for reducing phase noise in oscillator with variable-capacitance diode
Author: Savchenko M., Starovoitova O.
Article: Download
The transmitting antenna system of moving object
Author: Ponimatkin V., Shpilevoy A., Kuzelev A.
Article: Download
Formalization and solving optimal control technological complexes
Author: Rutkovsky A., Arounyants G., Kovaleva M., Tedeeva N.
Article: Download
The device for determination of durability of adhesive communication
Author: Buylov S., Velikanov N., Koryagin S.
Article: Download