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Algorithms of determining of bodies in a 3D irregular point cloud

Author Alsynbaev K
Pages 159-162
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Keywords a point cloud, Clustering, Voxel, micro-seismic monitoring, Recogni¬tion algorithms, Bresenham's line algorithm
Abstract (summary) A technique for recognition of shapes of bodies in a 3D point cloud is de-scribed. At the first step cloud clustering is conducted using the criterion of maximum distance between the points to identify the bodies being determined. Then proceeding to voxel presentation is being done. Existence of a tetrahe-dron with its points in cloud points and size-limited sides for which the voxel being tested is internal is treated as a criterion of belongment of voxel to a body. A fast algorithm for voxel tetrahedron filling is developed and used for optimization. The work is a part of software for micro-seismic monitoring data processing.
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