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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2015 Issue №09

Historical and legal problems of the development of state and law
Legal regulation of public control in the Russian Federation
Author: Gerasimova E., Landau I
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Unification of international rules on the form of will
Author: Mironova I.
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The concept of and liability for bribery according to the Code of criminal and correctional punishments of 1846 and the Criminal Code of 1903
Author: Finogentova O
Article: Download
On the nature of gmina courts in the Kingdom of Poland
Author: Ulyanova N.
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Improving the legal regulation of social relations
Special legal regimes as a means to differentiate the legal regulation of entrepreneurship
Author: Nilov K
Article: Download
Rights and obligations of the parties under a special bank account contract: Relevant issues
Author: Erokhina M., Belaya O.
Article: Download
The notarial institution and protection of the Internet users’ rights: Relevant issues
Author: Yaroshenko T.
Article: Download
Topical problems of investigative and court processes
Relevant issues of the fight against corruption
Author: Minenok M., Minenok M.
Article: Download
The official as a public officer
Author: Chirkov A.
Article: Download
Problems of classifying tax crimes by actus reus
Author: Tsirit O.
Article: Download
Regional features in the forensic characteristics of traffic accidents (based on the cases of the Kaliningrad Inspection for Traffic Security)
Author: Volchetskaya T., Rener N., Popov E
Article: Download
Using the modelling method in investigating criminal fires
Author: Osipova E., Sanzharevsky D.
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Young scientists’ forum
The role of the principle of honesty in the principle system of Russian civil law
Author: Gavrilov Yu.
Article: Download
Discretionary powers of judges in the countries of the continental law system: A comparative analysis
Author: Kirillova A.
Article: Download
On the development of the concept of ‘subject of law
Author: Orlova K
Article: Download
Forensic aspects of criminal process participants using mediation procedures: The role of the situational approach
Author: Grishchenko M.
Article: Download
Topical issues of economic and management studies
The strategic potential of an organisation: A theoretical framework for research
Author: Korsakova L., Chuikin A.
Article: Download
Russia and WTO at the current stage
Author: Chaplygin V., Dolina V.
Article: Download
The methodological and mathematical implementation of the integrated controlling theory
Author: Kalinina N
Article: Download
Vladimir Pavlov is 70
Author: Milyukov S., Minenok M.
Article: Download