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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2015 Issue №02

Cognitive and discursive aspects of linguistic studies
The role of discourse in modern linguistics
Author: Andreeva V.
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On the structure of anthroponyms and their functioning in the Russian and English languages
Author: Boyko L.
Article: Download
On the problem of interpreting the concept of SPACE in Russian and foreign linguistics
Author: Bondareva L.
Article: Download
Realisation of the pragmatic potential of intertextuality in political discourse
Article: Download
Frames in discourse analysis
Author: Gordeeva E.
Article: Download
The axiology of images of space and time in B.L. Pasternak’s poem «When it Clears Up»
Author: Konnova M.
Article: Download
Discursive and media borders of criticism in arts (based on written materials in German)
Author: Pastukhov A
Article: Download
Discursive features of intertextual elements
Author: Shevchenko V.
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Avenues of international cooperation
The international conference ‘The works of Daniel Kehlmann from the per-spective of interdisciplinarity’ (Kaliningrad, October 1—2, 2014)
Article: Download
Schliesslich will man ja Kunst schaffen. Daniel Kehlmanns humoristische Poetik («Finally, there is a need to create art»: Daniel Kehlmann’s humoristic poetics)
Author: Meier A.
Article: Download
Me and Kaminski and Kaminskaya is me and? On the subject of Kehlmann’s oeuvre and German poetry
Author: Kaminskaya Yu.
Article: Download
Literary texts in German classes with PhD students: The interdisciplinary aspect
Author: Potemina T.
Article: Download
Metanarrative in Daniel Kehlmann’s novel Fame
Author: Potemina M.
Article: Download
The game of Daniel Kehlmann’s novel Measuring the World
Author: Tsvetkov Yu.
Article: Download
The optics of vision in Daniel Kehlmann’s novel The Farthest Place
Author: Chugunov D.
Article: Download
Problems of theory and methodology of university training of linguists
Features of the implementation of the ACCESS international project in the Kaliningrad region based on the principles of inclusive education
Author: Budarina A., Devyatkovskaya K.
Article: Download
Regional identity as an important component of a bachelor of linguistics’ university training
Author: Tambovkina T., Nasyrova A.
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Young scientists’ forum
The functional significance of modal evaluative component in the concept structure: The case of M. Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita
Author: Abashova O.
Article: Download
Imperative modality as a mechanism of creating universal human values (based on Russian and English translations of biblical idioms)
Author: Ivanova N.
Article: Download
Elements of science fiction in the French postmodernist discourse: The case of B. Werber’s novel The Thanatonauts
Author: Ieronova I., Beley M.
Article: Download
Semantic opposition as a means to explicate bipolar disorder in Stephen Fry’s autobiography Moab Is My Washpot
Author: Knyazeva M.
Article: Download
The linguistic and stylistic means of expressing identity in com¬plimentary phrases (based on modern English, American, and Russian fiction)
Author: Kurakina N.
Article: Download
The features of using manipulative techniques to influence public opinion (based on the materials of the US presidential campaign of 2012)
Author: Soskina S., Sur E.
Article: Download