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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2015 Issue №10

Mathematical Modeling
Numerical solution of elastic-acoustic problems with the help of grid-characteristic method
Author: Favorskaya A., Petrov D., Khokhlov N., Petrov I.
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Development an Rayleigh-Taylor instability in the equatorial ionosphere from stochastic ionosphere irregularities
Author: Kashchenko N., Ishanov S., Matsievsky S
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Application of dimension reduction methods in objects homogeneity evaluation: airport network analysis
Author: Smirnov O.
Article: Download
SIA model of the dynamics of AIDS-spreading and patients with AIDS in Kaliningrad region
Author: Protasevich M., Melnitchenko V
Article: Download
Joint modeling of elastic and acoustic waves in the Arctic
Author: Favorskaya A., Petrov D., Khokhlov N., Petrov I
Article: Download
Mathematical model for feeling hope
Author: Glazunov Yu.
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Integration of multi-scale hemodynamics models based on data synchronization
Author: Kopytov G.
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Algorithms and Computing Methods
A method of an algorithm creation of cyclic reduction for solving of the system of equations with block-tridiagonal matrix
Author: Sinyukhin A., Buzdin A
Article: Download
An efficiency of multi-grid method with semi-coarse as smoothing iteration
Author: Belyakova O.
Article: Download
Efficient algorithms for computing superelliptic curves
Author: Puzakov A.
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Differential geometry
Strongly mutual threefold distributions of projective space
Author: Popov Yu.
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About fields of geometrical objects connected with the complex central nondegenerate hyperquadrics
Author: Kretov M.
Article: Download
About horizontally vector lifts of tensor fields from the base to its tangent bundle
Author: Sultanova G.
Article: Download
Linear and center-projective quotient groups of the second order differential group
Author: Kuleshov A.
Article: Download
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent control of heat saving and microclimate
Author: Nesterov S., Petrov S., Tolstel’ O., Churilov A.
Article: Download
Examples of the mathematical model of the management company
Author: Vishneva E.
Article: Download
Computer models and software and hardware complex climate control with recuperation
Author: Tolstel’ O.
Article: Download
Theoretical and experimental physics
iltering of signals from noise by maximum likelihood method
Author: Pakhotin V., Chernova I., Vlasova K
Article: Download
Modeling studies of filtering process of the radio pulse from noise
Author: Chernova I., Pakhotin V., Bessonov V.
Article: Download
About the method of estimating the parameters of seismic signals
Author: Persichkin A., Shpilevoy A.
Article: Download
Informatics and mathematical geophysics
Algorithms and software for building three-dimensional models of microseismic monitoring data
Author: Kozlov A., Kozlov M., Shmakov F
Article: Download
Experience of applying microseismic monitoring for control waterflood into Northern Truva deposits
Author: Gapeev D., Erokhin G., Sedaikin R., Strokov V.
Article: Download
The structure of Vendian-Cambrian sediments of the Ilbokichskoye field
Author: Starikov L., Pogretskiy A., Strekalov A., Gorlov I., Kirichek A., Anokhina E
Article: Download
An interpolation of a supervision system by RTD method
Author: Danilin A., Erokhin G., Pestov L.
Article: Download
An optimization of FIM method for three-dimensional eikonal equations
Author: Sedaikina V.
Article: Download
Algorithms of determining of bodies in a 3D irregular point cloud
Author: Alsynbaev K
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Other papers
About properties of Cauchy-type integral with a fixed point in the kernel in С1 space
Author: Milovanov V
Article: Download
Mathematical processing of measurements results in a laboratory practical work
Author: Kornev K., Korneva I.
Article: Download