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2015 Issue №04

Theoretical and experimental physics
On the analysis of NMR spectra
Author: Ivanov A., Ivanov A.
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A Lax pair for the (1+3) nonlinear equation
Author: Chirikov R., Yurova A
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Distribution of NQR relaxation times in the rotating frame of reference in micro-sized crystallites
Author: Sinyavsky N., Kupriyanova G., Dolinenkov P.
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Enhancing the effectiveness of singlet-triplet energy transfer in a donor-acceptor pair of phosphor molecules under the influence of an external spin-orbit perturbation
Author: Tsybulnikova A., Bryukhanov V., Slezhkin V.
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The Abel equation and cosmological scalar field zeroes
Author: Yurov V., Yaparova A.
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Features of the movement of a saline water final volume surrounded by fresh water on the bottom slope
Author: Vasilkin V., Isachenko I., Gritsenko V.
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On the procedure of calculating the electromagnetic field of a cable
Author: Ponimatkin V., Shpilevoi A., Evstratov V.
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A comparative evaluation of the correlation analysis and maximum likelihood method resolution in the reception of phase-shift keying signals based on Barker codes
Author: Volkhonskaya E., Korotey E., Vlasova K
Article: Download
An analysis of processes of wall destruction in a test rig’s vacuum chamber
Author: Mikhailyuchenko A., Rumyantsev A.
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The filtration radio pulse maximum likelihood method
Author: Pakhotin V., Molostova S., Bessonov V.
Article: Download
The maximum likelihood method as applied to chirp signals
Author: Pakhotin V., Babinovich A., Strokov V
Article: Download
A shortwave antenna module
Author: Ponymatkin V., Shpilevoi A., Kuzelev A., Tipikin A.
Article: Download
A way to improve the frequency stability of a voltage-controlled oscillator
Author: Savchenko M., Starovoitova O.
Article: Download
A high resolution model of the equatorial F-layer of ionosphere
Author: Kashchenko N., Ishanov S., Matsievsky S.
Article: Download
A general representation of ship containers planning and loading-unloading processes at multimodal transit terminals
Author: Nuzhnov E., Yurko D.
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The torsion tensor of an analog of the Neifeld connection on a Grass-mannian-like manifold of centered planes
Author: Belova O.
Article: Download
Connection in a tangent bundle to the frame bundle of manifold
Author: Polyakova K.
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On a 3D visualization of a solution to the problem of top movement along a smooth horizontal surface
Author: Shpilevoy A., Khudenko V., Persichkina N
Article: Download
An algorithm and model of data saving for solving the problem of satellite-plasma interaction by the molecular dynamic method using the CUDA technology
Author: Sharamet A
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An analysis of the resistance of McEliece CS based on an AG-code to quantum Fourier sampling attack
Author: Ilyashenko I.
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A research on the influence of the B-spline order on the surface appearance
Author: Кochinа A., Slobodyanyuk M
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Informatics and mathematical geophysics
The application of the method of average sections with coordinate transformation in three-dimensional modeling of dragline waste rehandling
Author: Nazarov I., Bryksin V., Savelenko V.
Article: Download
The use of geographic information analysis to solve the problem of ensuring the security of the Kaliningrad region’s population
Author: Alsynbaev K., Babushkin Yu., Bryksina N., Krechetov A., Kozlov M., Burdukovsky V., Zhegalina L., Polishchuk O
Article: Download
Identifying diffractors in complex acoustical media by the CSP-RTD method
Author: Danilin A.
Article: Download
The fractured reservoir of the Riphean of the Angara folds zone
Author: Anokhina E., Demidova E., Starikov L., Kirichek A., Nazarova M., Gorlov I., Kokarev P
Article: Download
The methodological aspects and approaches to the implementation of automated management of banking resources under risk
Author: Arounyants G., Badeyan A.
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