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Science is but an image of the truth
Francis Bacon

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2015 Issue №11

Theoretical aspects of education
A model of pedagogical interaction between the teacher and students in distance education
Author: Grebenyuk T., Bulan I.
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Modernisation of educational programmes: From a professional standard to education results
Author: Samsonova N.
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Developing and managing an intercompany system of continuing education in tourism
Author: Pelemenev V., Silina S., Timofeeva V.
Article: Download
Efficiency of a pedagogical model for preventing unemployment among Russian students: Analysis and data interpretation
Author: Budarina A., Malin S., Morozov O.
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Advanced training of teachers during the transition to universal secondary education (the 1960—70s)
Author: Zorkina L.
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Psychological and pedagogical studies
Social attitudes as a factor of delinquent behaviour in the underage
Author: Rean A.
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Problems of preparedness of students’ parents for inclusive education
Author: Simaeva I., Khitryuk V.
Article: Download
Cyberbullying, a new threat to adolescents’ personal security
Author: Baranov A., Rozhina S.
Article: Download
Helping relationships and diagnostics of attachment: A psychometric revision of the IPPA questionnaire
Author: Lifintsev D., Lifintseva A.
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The effect of family relations on a child’s preparedness to study at school
Author: Serdyukova E.
Article: Download
Preparedness of social workers to manage social facilitation
Author: Toropov P., Levinskaya N.
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Professional training
Quality of professional education in an information society
Author: Kondratenko A., Kondratenko B.
Article: Download
The CDIO practice in teaching music
Author: Kostrikova N., Kuklina I., Yafasov A.
Article: Download
Moral and spiritual education in the conditions of civilisational challenges
Author: Urbanovich L.
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Physical training and health improvement
Motivating students of secondary vocational educational institutions in the field of services to participate in sport
Author: Yavorskaya A.
Article: Download
Development of the Olympic movement in the early 20th century in Germany
Author: Glinchikova L.
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Research of young scientists
Training future teachers to perform grading
Author: Panyushkina M.
Article: Download
Theoretical framework for studying the problem of loneliness and its connection to social networking
Author: Tokareva M.
Article: Download
History of professional duet dance and the development of the ‘Classical duet dance’ academic discipline
Author: Shelemov A.
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