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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2015 Issue №12

History of the Middle Ages
Origins and beginnings. The Livonian Rhymed Chronicle as a reference point for literature in the Teutonic Order
Author: Neecke Michael (translated from German by A. Kotov)
Iconostasis of the Late Middle Ages: East Slavic crossroads
Author: Shamardina Natalya
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Modern history of Europe
No politics: François Guizot’s historiosophy before 1814
Author: Matveev Sergey
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Filling the space between two opposite parties: Edward Stanleyand a centre party
Author: Arakelian Grach
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History of Russia
Types of peasant families in the post-reform Novgorod province
Author: Danshina Anastasia
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Regional history
Between accomplice and victim: Civilians during the siege of Kö- nigsberg in 1945
Author: Willems Bastiaan (translated from English by G. Arakelian, edited by I. Dementeyv)
The Regional Committee of the CPSU in the system of agricultural authorities in the two post-war decades: The case of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Polkh Pavel
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On the formation of historical memory in the Kaliningrad region (1945-1960)
Author: Kretinin Gennady
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The origins of tour activities in the Kaliningrad region (second halfof the 1960s)
Author: Kostyuk Anatoly
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Advanced training of teachers before the 1984 school reform: Thecase of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Zorkina Liliya
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Logic and social philosophy
The central philosophical conception of the creator of logical algebra: On the bicentenary of George Boole
Author: Pushkarsky Anatoly
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Identification discourses and the problem of identity construction
Author: Levkina Yulia, Alimpieva Anna
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History of Russian philosophy
Frank’s philosophy of history and social philosophy
Author: Povilaitis Vladas
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The topic of cultural identity in N. Lossky’s personalism
Author: Savintsev Vyacheslav
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The role of religion in G. Gurvich’s philosophy of law
Author: Zagirnyak Mikhail
Article: Download
Kostyashov V. Daily life of post-war village: From the history resettlement of collective farms of the Kaliningrad region. 1946-1953. Moscow, Political Encyclopedia, 2015. 263 p.
Author: Yartsev A.
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Conference on "Computer technologies and mathematical methods in historical research"
Author: Baranova Elena, Galtsov Valery
Article: Download