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Science is but an image of the truth
Francis Bacon

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2015 Issue №06

Conceptual characteristics of procedural units of thinking
Author: Sirotkina L. S
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The place and role of ontology in the system model of argumentation
Author: Khizanishvili D. V.
Article: Download
The liberal concept of freedom in the conservative teachings of K. N. Leontyev and L. A. Tikhomirov
Author: Demin I. V.
Article: Download
Social Christianity in F. A. Stepun’s philosophy of history
Author: Zagirnyak M.Yu.
Article: Download
Betwee the thing and the human being: the ethical and anthropological problems in V. Nabokov’s novel Despair
Author: Vasilyeva M. A
Article: Download
From Kant's “kingdom of ends” to an economic model
Author: Trotsak A. I.
Article: Download
Wittgenstein’s followers vs Habermas: A solution to I. Berlin’s dilemma
Author: Granovskaya O. L.
Article: Download
Megatrends in the socionatural development of the world and the transofmration of biosphere life
Author: Demidenko E. S
Article: Download
Morality and philosophical education
Author: Gorkov I. A.
Article: Download
The problem of sociological reductionism in gender studies
Author: Polyansky D. V.
Article: Download
Political science and sociology
Political elite networks in Latvia and their transformation in 1993-2014
Author: Fidrya E. S., Smirnov V. S.
Article: Download
Management behaviour: Expert system and modelling processes
Author: Krivosheev V. V., Makarov S. N.
Article: Download
History of Russia
State archive institutions in Russia as part of the party and public administration in the 1960-1980s
Author: Savin V. A.
Article: Download
Legal regulation and efficiency of the bread storage stores in the Vologda region in the late 19th/early 20th centuries
Author: Chudov S. I.
Article: Download
Regional history
Königsberg’s urbal elites: Between the tradition and innovation (1815—1914)
Author: Ferrbeuf F.
Article: Download
Eduard Bschoff’s murals in Insterburg's Stadthalle (1936—1939)
Author: Vlasov V. I
Article: Download
Teachers in the Kaliningrad region: The problems and theirs solution
Author: Zorkina L. A. Kretinin G. V.
Article: Download
The works of Stefan Kieniewicz as seen by modern Polish historians
Author: Soldatov A. A.
Article: Download
Polyakova I. A. Andreas Aurifaber (1515—1559) and his Historia succinic / Kaliningrad Amber Museum. Second revised and enlarged edition. Kalininrgad, 2013. 208 pp
Author: Morozov O. V.
Article: Download
The Russian consular service in Australia. 1857—1917: A collection of documents/compiled, introduced, and commented by A.Ya. Massov and M. Pollard. Moscow: Mezhdunarodnye otnosheniya, 2014. 352 pp
Author: Sergeev V. V
Article: Download
Vareikis V., Bareiša E. Technika ir gamta: Klaipėdos uostas XIX a. pabaigoje — XX a. pirmoje pusėje. Klaipėda, 2014. 133 р
Author: Kostyashov Yu. V.
Article: Download