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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2015 Issue №08

Language modality and media text linguistics
Evaluative lexis as a component of subjective modality in the Russian handwritten newspaper Vesti-kuranty
Author: Kuksa I.
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The implementation of interrogative imperative modality in the headlines of media texts: The case of news portals
Author: Vasilyev S., Probst N.
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Language in the space of culture
What Saussure wrote/did not write: A half a century discussion on the anagram theory
Author: Dementyev I.
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On the content of the Fedoseyan Old Believers’ Menologia
Author: Kamalova A.
Article: Download
Toponyms as a convolutional cultural linguistic code
Author: Korolyova I.
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Nikolai Kononov’s poetics of prose
The vegetative code in Nikolai Kononov’s short story “Ansatasiya’s Amnesia”
Author: Dmitrovskaya M
Article: Download
The numerological code in Nikolai Kononov’s short story “Tripartite Sibling”
Author: Temirova N.
Article: Download
Kononov’s “Tripartite Sibling”: Prerequisites for intertextuality
Author: Sviridov S. N.
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Poetics of literary genres
The memento mori genre in medieval German literature
Author: Vaskinevich A.
Article: Download
The ‘Faust zone’ in the works of Goethe and Pushkin
Author: Gilmanov V., Koptsev I.
Article: Download
The house in the plot structure of A. I. Podolinsky’s poem “Borsky”
Author: Shumakova M.
Article: Download
The motif of temptation in G. G. Byron’s mystery play Cain
Author: Zhilina N
Article: Download
The spiritual and moral collision in H. G. Wells’s short story “The Door in the Wall”
Author: Dorofeeva L.
Article: Download
Fatih Karimi’s early poems (late 1920s — early 1930s)
Author: Sarchin R.
Article: Download
The optics of vision in Daniel Kehlmann’s novel Der fernste Ort
Author: Chugunov D.
Article: Download
Edward Stachura’s existential character and the Polish wedding chronotope
Author: Maltsev L.
Article: Download
From the history of literary relationships: Cz. Miłosz and J. Putramen
Author: Mianowska J.
Article: Download
Synaugeia motifs in I. Murdoch’s works (the novels Bruno’s Dream and The Black Prince)
Author: Timonina T..
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Male Cinderella: the character, genre, and poetics of Jerzy Kosiński's novel Being There
Author: Nefagina G.
Article: Download
Intermedial text modelling: D. Lodge. Nice Work
Author: Vladimirova N.
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