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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2014 Issue №10

Mathematical Modeling
An oscillatory excited molecular nitrogen in the ionospheric plasma
Author: Ishanov S., Zinin L., Zubkov E., Matsievsky S.
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Numerical simulation of wave processes in elastic-acoustic problems using discontinuous Galerkin method on triangle unstructured meshes
Author: Miryakha V., Sannikov A., Petrov I.
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Numerical simulation of forming and evolution of solitons in chain of nucleotide couples
Author: Kvitko G., Malysheva N., Ishanov S., Shott D., Logvin E.
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An instability of the equatorial F-layer of the ionosphere under conditions of alternating electric fields
Author: Kashchenko N., Matsievsky S.
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Specifying strains in the basic sheet of three-layered construction when bending and stretching
Author: Korjagin S., Bujlov S., Velikanov N.
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Mathematical modeling of parameters price discrimination by the method of classification trees
Author: Smirnov O., Smirnova O.
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Simulating of ion and electron trajectories in thermal plasma in electric field of a satellite by the molecular dynamic method
Author: Zinin L., Sharamet A., Ishanov S., Matsievsky S.
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Differential geometry
Normalization of basic structural subbundle of distribution in second order differential neighborhood
Author: Popov Yu.
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About generalizations of the Cartan projective connection on smooth manifold
Author: Shevchenko Yu.
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Three-parametrical collection of ellipsoids assumed a construction
Author: Kretov M.
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Curvature of 2nd type induced on plane distribution
Author: Omelyan O.
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Artificial Intelligence
Integrated approach to solving routing problem
Author: Kureichik V., Scheglov S.
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Diagnosis and hardware fault simulation of industry
Author: Kalinina E., Nesterov S., Tolstel’ O.
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Stand for simulation of weather-heat points on several parameters
Author: Nesterov S., Petrov S., Tolstel’ O., Churilov A
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Physics and radiophysics
The research of surface features of the film CdS, fabricated by hydrochemical deposition on textured silicon substate
Author: Tregulov V., Scoptsova G., Balagansky S., Tolkach N.
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Stationary plasma thruster with permanent magnets for small-sized space-crafts
Author: Katashov A., Kozubzskiy K.
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An algorithm of reduction of electric power consumption of objects regional electrical engineering complex
Author: Kivtchyn O.
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Model evaluation of the directed properties of rectangular loops
Author: Volkhonskaya E., Korotey E., Goza N.
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Informatics and mathematical geophysics
Numerical solving the problem of detecting of ultraweak diffractors in a complex acoustical medium
Author: Danilin A., Erokhin G., Kremlev A., Pestov L., Salomons B., ten Kroode F.
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To the question of control of accuracy in solving the inverse problem microseismic
Author: Gapeev D., Erokhin G., Rodin S., Sedaikin R.
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Segmentation of multi-temporal radar images of earth covers
Author: Yevtyushkin A., Bryksin V., Danilova A., Filatov A.
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Use of results of interpretation of scattered waves on the CSP method at the assessment of resources of the field of hydrocarbons with fracture collectors
Author: Anokhina E., Starikov L., Kirichek A., Nazarova M., Zhegalina L., Sisembaev K., Dosmuhambetov M., Ismailov K.
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Development of geoportal of the center of space services on basis of open systems
Author: Kozlov A., NazarovI., Alsynbaev K.
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Other papers
Generating function and its application for generalization of Legendre polynomials
Author: Rouba Y., Smatrytski K.
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About pairing on abelian varieties p-rank one and their cryptographic applications
Author: Aleshnikov S., Aleshnikova M.
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Tangential decomposition and its generalization
Author: Buzdin A., Vasilyeva E.
Article: Download
Algorithms for detecting high-gradient areas of the great oceans has increased biological productivity
Author: Mysherin A.
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Кретов М. В. Элементы алгебры и геометрии для студентов специальности «инфокоммуникационные технологии и системы связи» : учебное пособие. Калининград, 2014.
Author: С. В. Мациевский
Article: Download