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There is only one science. Two sciences are impossible as two universes are
Alexander Herzen

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2014 Issue №08

On the linguistic category of modality
The verbs МОЧЬ and MÓC as core constituents of modal microfields of possibility in the Russian and Polish languages
Author: Vaulina S., Magdalinskaya E.
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The functioning of explicator lexemes of situational modality in the Aprakos of Mstislav the Great
Author: Alimpieva R., Pisar N.
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The functional features of author's intentions in the first Russian newspaper Vedomosti
Author: Kuksa I.
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Language — text — discourse
The name of a saint in the Menaion (a cultural linguistic analysis)
Author: Kamalova A.
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B. Pasternak’s “February”: infinitive writing and its translations
Author: Chernyakov A.
Article: Download
Proper name-based poetic neologisms: A functional and semantic analysis
Author: Babenko N., Steshenko M.
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On the illocutionary “responsibility” of the author in a dramatic paratext
Author: Tolcheeva K.
Article: Download
Once in D. Kharms’s narratives
Author: Tsvigun T.
Article: Download
The functional and pragmatic features of assonance phraseological reflexes
Author: Shkapenko T.
Article: Download
A language game with background knowledge
Author: Lomov A., Babushkin A.
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Linguistics of documents and media texts
The orientation function of a newspaper headline as a key component of its pragmatics
Author: Aleksandrova A., Vasilyev S.
Article: Download
The heterogeneity of university website discourse
Author: Gerber D.
Article: Download
Linguistic means of expressing strategies and tactics in the texts of charter documents of a volunteer organisation
Author: Saidgasanova E.
Article: Download
The functioning of performatives in the texts of documents: The case of appeal letters
Author: Pozharitskaya Yu.
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Linguistics of dreams
The dream dictionary of G. H. Miller: The structural originality and cognitive models of interpretation
Author: Berestnev G.
Article: Download
Dream interpretation in the Assyrian Dream Book: The invention of tradition
Author: Tsvetkova A.
Article: Download
Literary dreams from the cognitive perspective
Author: Vasilyeva I.
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Anagrammatic studies
The vegetative code in Nikolai Kononov’s short story “Anastasia’s amnesia”. 1. Look for the roots!
Author: Dmitrovskaya M.
Article: Download
A system of oppositions in A. Grin’s short story «Fandango» and their game transformations
Author: Shulga I.
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European literature: A space for dialogue
East on the “mental map” of 18th century English essayists: The imagological aspect
Author: Luchinina P.
Article: Download
Open and enclosed space in a romantic novel
Author: Cherpanov D.
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The problem of self-identification in H. Hesse’s short novel “Klein Wagner” and M. Frisch’s novel “Stiller”
Author: Malashchenko V.
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The parable motives of “escape from freedom” in F. Kafka’s story ”In the penal colony” and F. M. Dostoevsky’s “The Grand Inquisitor”
Author: Leskova E.
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Rūdolfs Blaumanis, Hermann Sudermann and others: The images of time in the dialogue of texts
Author: Likhina N.
Article: Download
Peter Handke’s novel “A moment of true feeling“ as a catalyst for the transition from modernism to postmodernism
Author: Demagina A.
Article: Download
Danilewicz-Zielińska on Polish émigré poets
Author: Mianowska J.
Article: Download
Poet’s corporeal topography in M. Tsvetaeva’s cycle “The Sibyl”
Author: Zhilina N., Krysanova A.
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