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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2014 Issue №07

Author: Dedkov V.
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Ecology, zoology, botany
The history and modern condition of the urban fieldfare (Turdus pilaris L.) population in Kaliningrad
Author: Shukshina M., Grishanov G.
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An environmental analysis of the red-backed shrike’s and barred warbler’s nutrition in the conditions of sympatric habitation in natural and anthropogenic stations
Author: Baranovsky A., Ivanov E
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The subspecies affiliation of some breeding bird species in the Kaliningrad region. P. 2.1: Passerines — Passeriformes
Author: Alex U. (Оleksas О.)
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The environmental aspects of the great cormorant’s (Phalacrocorax carbo L.) nest location on the coast of the Curonian Lagoon of the Baltic Sea
Author: Chaika K., Grishanov G., Nigmatullin I., Seledtsov V.
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Foraging strategies in the pine marten Martes martes: A model
Author: Vladimirova E., Sitnikova A.
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A comparison of the condition of the sand hopper Talitrus saltator Montagu, 1808 groups depending on the ecology of the Vistula and Curonian Spits’ coast
Author: Nikitina S., Seledtsov V.
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Long-term distribution of the crustacean Calanoida (Copepoda) in the dumping area in the South East Baltic
Author: Demereckiene N.
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An assessment of the ecological condition of Lake Vištytis using various hydrobiological indices
Author: Masyutkina E.
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The species structure of bottom-dwelling fish communities of the South East Baltic according to the trawl survey data
Author: Karpushevskaya A., Shibaev S.
Article: Download
The adaptive potential and ecology of woody plants of the Irano-Turanian introduction centre in the conditions of the South Baltic (Kaliningrad region)
Author: Petrova N., Chernyshova Yu., Dedkov V., Yakovleva S.
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Environmentally safe growth stimulator for pre-sowing seed treatment
Author: Baranova T., Kalaev V., Voronin A.
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New discoveries of Aspicilia lichen in the Urals
Author: Paukov A., Frolov I., Vondrakova O.
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Biochemistry, medicine
An environmental analysis of the activity of bioflavonoid accumulation in medicinal plants
Author: Maslennokov P., Chupakhina G., Skrypnik L., Feduraev P., Seledtsov V.
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Gender and seasonal characteristics of lipid exchange in people of different ages
Author: Kuzemkina S., Chupakhina G.
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The modelling of postmortem heat transfer and estimating the time of death
Author: Kildyushov E.
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Characteristics of traumatic fragmentation of the body and personal identifi-cation in cases of mass casualties as a result of manmade emergencies
Author: Pigolkin Yu., Dubrovin I., Dallakian V., Mosoyan A., Khachaturian B., Bychkov A.
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Geography, geoecology
The impact of water dynamics on biomass and the distribution of biological resources of the pelagic zone of the southern parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Author: Borodin E., Churin D., Chernyshkov P.
Article: Download
The dynamics of air temperature extrema as an indicator of climate warming in the Central Tuvan basin of the Tyva Republic
Author: Andreichik M., Mongush L.
Article: Download
The Swedish model of spatial planning: Functions, problems, and solutions
Author: Kholyavko S.
Article: Download
International cooperation
Author: Е. В. Краснов, Т. В. Шихотарова
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