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2014 Issue №6

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The Pythagorean-mathematical component of P. A. Florensky’s social philosophy



This article considers the amalgamation of N. Bugaev’s arrythmology and G. Leibnitz’s monadology supplemented by G. Cantor’s set theory as the methodological basis of P. A. Florensky’s teaching on future state, which made it possible for the Russian philosopher to create a holistic social and philosophical project – the quintessence of development of a new culture, where the fate of a person and the state are indivisible. In the future state, people are units, Pythagorean numbers, or monads that have value not by themselves, but as parts of the whole set; this set-state is dominated by the supreme monad-hero vested with the theurgic grace of deciding the fates of people. Florensky plays the role of a “social engineer” who develops the concept of a good state, whereas the human being serves as material for this social and mathematical structure.


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