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The real and legitimate goal of the sciences is the endowment of human life with new inventions and riches
Francis Bacon

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2014 Issue №06

Transcendental reflection and the ideal of pure reason in Kant’s works
Author: Balanovsky V.
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Seeming confusion in interpretation: George Berkeley and Immanuel Kant
Author: Trotsak A.
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Feeling and faith in F. H. Jacobi’s Vorrede, zugleich Einleitung...
Author: Lyzlov A.
Article: Download
Perception of Nietzsche in Russian philosophy abroad: The case of the Sovremennye zapiski journal
Author: Zakeev A
Article: Download
Grigory Landau: A twice forgotten philosopher
Author: Gurin D.
Article: Download
The Pythagorean-mathematical component of P. A. Florensky’s social philosophy
Author: Golyshev A.
Article: Download
Kant’s political philosophy revised from the perspective of feminist epistemology
Author: Polyansky D.
Article: Download
On asymmetry in game-theoretic semantics
Author: Ilchenko A.
Article: Download
The philosophical aspects of anagrams
Author: Berestnev G.
Article: Download
Political science and sociology
The transitological dimension of constitutional changes in the Slovak Republic
Author: Tarasov I., Kazadaev V.
Article: Download
A situational approach to building social managerial expert systems
Author: Krivosheev V., Makarov S.
Article: Download
The development of nationalist identities in the Baltics: The Latvian aspect
Author: Berendeev M., Urazbaev E.
Article: Download
Models of narrative syntactics as a tool for analysing images of states
Author: Fomin I.
Article: Download
The system of financing political parties in Latvia
Author: Megem M., Rekeda S.
Article: Download
The formation of Israeli foreign policy concept towards the Baltics in 2009—2012
Author: Yakimova E.
Article: Download
Russian and foreign history
Some methodological problems of military and historical anthropology
Author: Gazieva L.
Article: Download
The metropolitan student community and the Constitutional Democratic Party: The Saint Petersburg student faction of the Party of People’s Freedom in 1905—1908
Author: Timokhina D.
Article: Download
Peasant’s personal land ownership during Stolypin’s reforms: Myths and reality
Author: Zaboenkova A.
Article: Download
The Christian right movement in the USA in the 1990s
Author: Vysotsky A.
Article: Download
Regional history
Materials on the architectural and urban development history of Cranz
Author: Belinstev I.
Article: Download
The mortality rate in the Kaliningrad region in the second half of the 1940s—1950s
Author: Mankevich D.
Article: Download
Residential construction and urban development policy in Kaliningrad (mid-1950s/mid-1960s)
Author: Misiyantseva E.
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Letter to the editors
On the place of death of the leader of the Great Prussian Uprising, Herkus Monte
Author: Kretinin G.
Article: Download
Max Egremont. Forgotten Land. Journeys among the Ghosts of East Prussia. London : Picador, 2011. 368 pp.
Author: Dementyev I.
Article: Download