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Alexader Herzen

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2014 Issue №04

Experimental and technical physics
Investigation of changes in the paramets of thin films structures during ion implantation
Author: Medvedeva S., Koiva D., Shemuhin A., Cernykh P.
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Investigation of dependence of temperature coefficient of linear expansion on integrated intensity of the main peak of pyroceramics substrate
Author: Lyatun I., Ershov P., Azarova V.
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Optimization of the thin film Heusler alloys formation technique by the method of Pulsed laser deposition
Author: Grunin A., Lyatun I., Ershov P., Rodionova V., Goikhman A.
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Bipolar resistive switching in memristive thin films based on Si-Ag
Author: Shevyrtalov S., Koiva D., Goikhman A.
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Creation of the effective cathode jack for the micro-SPD
Author: Katashova M., Parakhin G., Rumyantsev A.
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Investigation of discharge chamber insulator relative erosion of stationary plasma thruster
Author: Orekhov A.
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Rationality criteria of technical item multifunction degree in equipment park
Author: Alimpiev A.
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Thermal calculation of the anode of the stationary plasma engine
Author: Chubov P., Rumyantsev A., Kharjukov V.
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Theoretical calculation of orientation structure of a flat bulk layer from particles of any form
Author: Taranov V.
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Radiophysics and radiotechnique
Numerical simulation of the ionospheric effects of geomagnetic storm on 2—3 may 2010 at the HF radio wave propagation in the low-latitude region
Author: Kotova D., Klimenko M., Klimenko V., Zakharov V.
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The features of electron density behavior in the ionosphere-plasmasphere system above equatorial station Jicamarca in the end of September 2011
Author: Nosikov I. , Klimenko M., Klimenko V., Truhlik V.
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Application the theory of an optimum detection for a spatial resolution of signals
Author: Strokov V., Pakhotin V., Aniskevich V.
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Way of shortening the inclusion of antennas of the transducer of the impedance shoulder vibrator
Author: Ponimatkin V., Shpilevoy A., Tipikin A.
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The properties of a tunable frequency oscillator with the partial inclusion of the transistor in the circuit
Author: Savchenko M., Starovoitova O.
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Building transmitter circuit for the study of parameters of system of secondary emitters
Author: Shpilevoy A. , Ponimatkin V.
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Evaluation of error probability in determining of reception time of RZS in the presence of white noise
Author: Volkhonskaya E., Korotey E., Vlasova K.
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Applying artificial neural networks for prediction of radiowave propagation features
Author: Molchanov S., Zakharov A.
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Dipolarization of the earth magnetic field and charge particles precipitation from the magnetic flux tube
Author: Volkov M.
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Informatics and mathematical geophysics
New possibilities of passive microseismic monitoring applying for structural-tectonic features detection of oil and gas fields
Author: Gapeev D., Erokhin G., Rodin S., Sedaikin R., Smirnov I.
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Verification modified model bio productivity EPIC at regional level
Author: Yevtyushkin A., Bryksin V., Rychkova N., Khvorova L.
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Techniques for identification and visualization of faults and technology-related fractured zones using micro-seismic monitoring data processing
Author: Alsynbaev K., Kozlov A.
Article: Download
Semi-geodetic transformation of temporary images
Author: Pestov L., Sedaikina V.
Article: Download
Numerical modeling of wave processes in 3D fractured media
Author: Golubev V., Petrov I.
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About some regularities in a structure of subsets of prime numbers
Author: Malakhovsky V.
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Web resources technical availability
Author: Matsievsky N.
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Production unit as a bounded operator
Author: Glazunov Yu.
Article: Download
A geometric model of a three-parametrical family of ellipsoids
Author: Kretov M.
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