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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2014 Issue №02

The cognitive and discursive aspects of linguistic studies
A theoretical and methodological framework for the cognitive approach to word formation studies
Author: Abrosimova L.
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The pragmatic functions of culture-specific words in a retrospective discourse
Author: Bondareva L.
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The functional perspective of political discourse
Author: Bondarenko I.
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The semantic category of affectedness and its syntactic realisation
Author: Grigorian E.
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On the eurysemy of adjectives in the modern English language
Author: Zhelonkina T.
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Ch. Dickens’s A Christmas Carol: the axiology of holiday time
Author: Konnova M.
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The development of everyday language in the German-speaking countries in the framework of the sociolinguistic concept of language evolution
Author: Kopchuk L.
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Cultural identity: On the definition of the concept
Author: Matuzkova E.
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On the toponymic purism in North-East Prussia in the first half of the 20th century
Author: Peteshova O.
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The literary domain of Germany after the reunification
Author: Potyomina M.
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The stylistic aspect of Russian and English biblical idioms
Author: Soskina S., Ivanova N.
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The translation of colloquial and low colloquial lexis into the Russian language: The semantic and stylistic aspects
Author: Khafizova A.
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The synergy effect of economic metaphor in the interdiscursive space
Author: Chanysheva Z., Gainanshin M.
Article: Download
The features of the English speech of Russian native speakers: The cognitive aspect
Author: Shchennikova N.
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The theory and methodology of professional university training of a linguist
On the interdisciplinary approach as used in German classes for PhD students
Author: Potyomina T.
Article: Download
Linguodidactics as a science and a discipline within professional language training
Author: Tambovkina T.
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Young scientists’ forum
The verbalisation of punctuation marks in written and oral texts: The functional aspect
Author: Ishchuk E.
Article: Download
The model of development of organisational and managerial competence in bachelor students in linguistics
Author: Krakovskaya O.
Article: Download
The linguopragmatic potential of comparison in the literary discourse: The case of Khaled Hosseini’s works
Author: Storchak M.
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The methods of manipulative influence on the addressee aimed at creating a positive image: the case of 2012 presidential election campaign
Author: Sur E.
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Some aspects of the speech portrait of the German president, J. Gauck as observed in political speeches
Author: Tsvetkova E.
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Author: Потёмина М. С.
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Author: Бойко Л. Б.
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Потёмина М. С. История литературы Германии : учеб. пособие. — Калининград : Изд-во БФУ им. И. Канта, 2013. — 210 с.
Author: Буренкова С. В.
Article: Download