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2014 Issue №1

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Climate change in the mountainous regions of the Republic of Tyva: The case of the Bay-Tayginsk district



The most considerable increase in the temperature of soil surface was observed in the cold period (1,5 °С, a 53,9% rise in temperature), the smallest in August (0,3 °С, 2,1 %), whereas, in May-June, the increase was negative (–1,3 °С, 27,1 %). Major increases in air temperature take place in April-July, September, and October (68,8 %), summer and winter accounted for 35,0 % and 29,9 % respectively. Soil surface and air temperature increased by 1,7ºС. In the warm period, air temperature is lower than soil surface temperature; in the cold period, on the contrary, it is higher. The air temperature increase is 33% lower than that of soil surface.


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