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Science is but an image of the truth
Francis Bacon

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2013 Issue №12

Russian history
Ober-hieromonks in the Russian Navy in the 18th century
Author: Blandov A.
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The influence of political and socioeconomic processes in the Russian Empire on the development of the Baltic Fleet
Author: Rukavishnikov E.
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Daily life in China as seen by Russian missionaries (1721—1854)
Author: Osmakov I.
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The 1859 rules on the remuneration of architects working for the Ministry of Imperial Court
Author: Yefimov A.
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Fishing in Novgorod and Pskov Governorates and the related trades (the second half of the 19th/the beginning of the 20th centuries)
Author: Nikulin V.
Article: Download
The legal aspects of community elimination during the Stolypin agrarian reform
Author: Zaboenkova A.
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World War I refugees from the western regions of the Russian Empire: Sustaining life in the places of temporary residence
Author: Belova I.
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The development of legislation on local self-government in the USSR and Russia in 1983—1993
Author: Godun P.
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Regional history
The Baltic states before and during World War II: The dilemma of independence
Author: Klemeshev A., Tarasov I.
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Military sovkhozes of the Red Army in former East Prussia in 1945—1946
Author: Kretinin G.
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Passages from the history of the Kaliningrad region: The first sitting of the Königsberg regional Office for Civil Affairs on June 26—27, 1946
Author: Maslov V.
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Kant and the contemporary theory of international relations
Author: Salikov A.
Article: Download
Contemporary threats to the growth of rationality in the Russian society
Author: Sirotkina-Primak L.
Article: Download
The rhetorical turn in argumentation theory
Author: Polityuk A.
Article: Download
The notion of ontology in the system model of argumentation
Author: Khizanishvili D.
Article: Download
Social and political studies
Inter-organizational networks as seen by western economic sociology: An analysis of theoretical approaches
Author: Bolychev O., Fidrya E.
Article: Download
The ethno-political discourse of regional identity in former Yugoslavia: The Bosnian syndrome
Author: Berendeev M., Dyushkova A.
Article: Download
The main indicators of social administra tive expert system
Author: Krivosheev V., Makarov S.
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Kareivinės, tapusios Klaipėdos universitetu
Author: Kostyashov Yu.
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Scientific life
International conference “Contacts and Cultural Transfer in the Historical Region of East Prussia (1700—2000)”
Author: Dementev I.
Article: Download
International scientific and practical conference “The First World War in the history and culture of Russia and Europe”
Author: Mankevich D.
Article: Download
Conference in memory of the Professor G. P. Zhidkov “The topical problems of contemporary humanities”
Author: Shenderyuk M.
Article: Download