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The purpose of science is to transform all that exists into thought
Alexander Herzen

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2013 Issue №09

Historical and theoretical problems of the development of state and law
Magistrates’ and volost courts of the Russian Empire on their way to amalgamation
Author: Lonskaya S.
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The system of ethical codes of modern Russia
Author: Finogentova O., Polozkov Ye.
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“Am I a trembling creature, or do I have the right”. Legal capacity in the election procedure
Author: Dolzhikov A.
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Governor elections: An analysis of the federal and regional legislations
Author: Landau I.
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Improvement of legal regulation of social relations
The problems of legal regulation of relations pertaining to satisfying state requirements in the light of new legislation
Author: Primak T.
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Changes to the legal entity system in Russia in the conditions of reforms in civil legislation: the problems and prospects
Author: Serova O.
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Legal regulation of civil liability of institutions
Author: Syubareva I.
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The sole executive body of a commercial organisation as an employee: Some problems of authority delegation
Author: Kazakova G.
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The problems of legal regulation of the free customs zone in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Nilov K., Serebryakova A.
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Cessation of right of claim under a credit agreement: the problems of enforcement
Author: Yerokhina M.
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The role of notary system in establishing correspondence between the will and expression of will of citizens of the Russian Federation
Author: Politova I.
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The notary system in the Russian Federation: Current problems
Author: Yaroshenko T.
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Topical problems of investigative and court porcesses
On the fight against corruption
Author: Minenok M.
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The Russian and American approaches to studying the phenomenon of “investigative mindset”
Author: Volchetskaya T., Shamshiev P., Krasnov Ye.
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Romokhov vs Russia: the procedural features and effect on the ensuing judgements of the European Court for Human Rights
Author: Koss A.
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The delegated power of an official
Author: Chirkov A.
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The problems of exemption from criminal liability for tax offences
Author: Tsirit O.
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The modern problems of using the Internet in investigating crimes
Author: Ishin A.
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The avoidance of investigative errors when interrogating women
Author: Osipova Ye., Makoveeva A., Krasnov Ye.
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Young scientist's forum
The criminological and psychological profile of persons sentenced to restriction of freedom
Author: Kasterina N., Prozorov A.
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The tactical features of interrogating witnesses to crimes against public officials
Author: Bedrizov A., Kiselev D.
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Topical issues of economic studies
The role of brand ecosystem in solving the tasks of hi-tech product marketing
Author: Sheresheva M., Kulgayeva K.
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The strategic potential of an organisation and the models of programming solutions in the conditions of uncertainty
Author: Bloech J., Korsakova L., Chuikin A.
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The cluster approach in tourism development in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Korneevets V., Semyonova L.
Article: Download
The asymmetry of small and medium business development at a regional level
Author: Duplenko N.
Article: Download
The modelling of functional and object development of integrated coastal regional systems
Author: Shabalina Ye.
Article: Download
On the territorial differences in chain organisation of retail in the Russian Federation
Author: Bolychev O.
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Conferences and announcements
The anniversary of Prof Jürgen Bloech (enterprise economics and management: The problems of research and teaching)
Author: Chuikn A.
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