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The purpose of science is to transform all that exists into thought
Alexander Herzen

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2013 Issue №08

On the language category of modality
Modality as a communicative category: Some debatable aspects of research
Author: Vaulina S.
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Interrogative and imperative modality in a literary text (The case of satirical writings of the 19th/early 20th century)
Author: Probst N.
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The modal potential of a newspaper text: The case of Moskovskiye vedomosty of the post-reform period of the second half of the 20th century
Author: Kuksa I.
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The role of modal meaning explicators in the structure of newspaper headlines (on the basis of news items)
Author: Aleksandrova A., Vasilyev S.
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Language — Text — Discourse
Verbs of delimitative manner of action based on the data of the national corpus of the Russian language: The system and usage
Author: Matzhanova K.
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Colour naming as a means to present the concept of ‘life’ in N. Gogol’s epic poem Dead Souls
Author: Alimpiyeva R., Sotnichnenko Yu.
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The functional features of metadiscription of beliefs in a literary text: The case of I. S. Turgenev’s works
Author: Berestnev G., Dronova A.
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The cyclical nature of time in B. Zaitsev’s short story St Nicholas Street: The means of linguistic and image representation
Author: Pashina Yu.
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The metaphor as a means of colour and light perception in M. Voloshin’s idiostyle
Author: Taran S.
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The poetics of Nikoli Kononov’s prose
Adrian the Undertaker (the subtexts and pretexts of Nikolai Kononov’s novel The Flaneur)
Author: Dmitrovskaya M., Demenyev I.
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Olya the Crazy: N. Kononov’s novel The source of mutilation in the mirror of a movie
Author: Skryabina A.
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The communicative space of N. Kononov’s novel The Tender Theatre
Author: Likhina N.
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The problem of poets’ “testimony” (Z/K or vivisection. The book of proceedings by M. Zolotonosov and M. Kononov)
Author: Babenko N.
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Guitar poetry in the context of culture
The woman as seen by a man in modern Russian chanson
Author: Berestnev G.
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Rock culture and Dyonisianism
Author: Kumichev I., Gilmanov V.
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The “rough style” of Vladimir Vysotsky: Problem statement
Author: Sviridov S.
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On the poetics of literary genres
The example of humility: The life of St Nicholas the Bishop compiled by Symeon the Metaphrast
Author: Dorofeeva L.
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Freedom as an axiological category in G. G. Byron’s mystery Cain
Author: Zhilina N.
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Anna Dostoyevskaya: letters to her husband
Author: Andrianova I.
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The symbols of the temporary and timeless in B. Pasternak’s poem Sparrow Hills
Author: Konnova M.
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The mythical thinking of B. Pasternak in the cycle Romanovka
Author: Maltseva O.
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The form and meaning of H. Hesse’s novel A child’s soul
Author: Malaschenko V., Koptsev I.
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Brothers “in the fifth season of the year, the sixth sense and the fourth dimension”: the space of heaven in the poetical world of M. Tsvetaeva
Author: Krysanova A.
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The memoirs of Maria Danilewicz-Zielińska as evidence of the era
Author: Mianowska J.
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J. Andrzejewski and T. Borowski: The typology of hope
Author: Maltsev L., Andreichuk V.
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The semiotics of a ship and its modelling features in the novels of William Golding, Julian Barnes, and Gregory Norminton
Author: Vladimirova N., Nagornaya Ye.
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The transformation of the development novel (Entwicklungsroman) genre in the oeuvre of G. Meyrink
Author: Telichko A.
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Mirrors and reflections in O. Grushin’s hovel The Dream Life of Sukhanov
Author: Nefagina G.
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Metatheatre under the sign of Chekhov (based on plays by V. Levanov, O. Bogayev, A. Mardan)
Author: Makarov A.
Article: Download
The spatial model of conceptual metaphor in A. Ilichevky’s collection of short stories An Asinine Jaw
Author: Sizykh O.
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