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2013 Issue №07

Author: Dedkov V.
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Microbiology, biochemistry, medicine
Comparative analysis of the groups of microorganisms in natural and anthropo-genically altered brown forest soils of the Kaliningrad Peninsula
Author: Kurkina M., Vashcheikin A., Dedkov V., Krasnoperov А.
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The use of a gas discharge visualization technique at estimation the antioxidant status of plants in the conditions of cadmium toxic effect
Author: Maslennikov P., Tchoupakhina G., Krasnoperov А.
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The relevance of studying soil microflora in the vicinity of solid waste disposal sites (the case of Kaliningrad)
Author: Sadovnikov P., Kurkina M.
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A pool of water soluble antioxidants in some plants of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Tchoupakhina G., Maltseva E., Chupakhina N., Poltavskaya R.
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Сomparative trends in the morphofunctional development of rural and urban school children in the Nizhny Novgorod region at the present stage
Author: Kalyuzhny Ye., Mikhailova S., Kuzmichev Yu., Krylov V.
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Information state of the reproductive age dogs liver in the pathology
Author: Areshidze D., Timchenko L.
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Ecology, zoology, botany
Filtration activity of mollusks Mya arenaria L. (Bivalvia) in estuaries of the southern Baltic Sea
Author: Filippenko D.
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The state of the marine groups flea Talitrus sal-tator Montagu, 1808 Curonian spit
Author: Nikitina S., Parakhina I.
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Character-istics of communities chironomids lakes of the city of Kaliningrad
Author: Vinokurova N., Vasiliev A., Kalinina E., Stol E., Uglitskikh N.
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Peculiarities of zooplankton succession depending on the landscape and the genesis of the lake basin (on ex-ample of some lakes of the Pskov Oblast)
Author: Cherevichko A., Aleksandrov Yu.
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Steroid hormone in marine bivalve molluscs of the annual cycle
Author: Kudikina N.
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Some aspects of the ecology of robins in natural and anthropogenic habitats Ryazan region
Author: Ivanov E., Baranovsky A.
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Subspecies affiliation of some nesting bird species in the Kaliningrad region — 1. Non-passeriformes
Author: Alex U. (Оleksas О.) (translation from German by G. V. Grishanov)
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Studies of lichen flora of Kaliningrad (a historical review)
Author: Pungin A., Petrenko D.
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Geography, geoecology, pedology
About a role of vegetation of deserts of Central Asia in climate change
Author: Dedkov V., Gunin P.
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New method of physiographic zoning of Kaliningrad re-gion
Author: Lazareva N.
Article: Download
About zonality of introzonality soils
Author: Parakshin Yu., Parakshina E.
Article: Download
Local features of regional difference in the modern Ukraine
Author: Olifir D.
Article: Download
Current demographical processes in the Penza region
Author: Pronin Ye.
Article: Download
Gravitation power and migratory mobility of the regions population
Author: Vasilenko P.
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Jubilee of Professor V. Dedkov
Author: Editorial board
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