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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2013 Issue №06

The history of opposition between formal and dialectical logic in Russian philosophy
Author: Troyepolsky A.
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Thomas Bradwardine on the types of logical paradoxes
Author: Zhuravlyova Ye.
Article: Download
On the possibility of visual argumentation
Author: Dolzhenkova Yu.
Article: Download
The problem of defining religion in the history of philosophy and religious studies
Author: Lugovoy S.
Article: Download
Contemporary society as a post-industrial and technogenic one
Author: Demidenko E.
Article: Download
Identity in the conditions of globalisation and regionalisation
Author: Mazur Yu.
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Political science and sociology
Modern trends in the Baltic countries in the discourse of identity: between sovereignty and European integration
Author: Berendeev M.
Article: Download
Human rights in EU-Russia relations: a human rights mechanism
Author: Deriglazova L.
Article: Download
The features of the genesis of modern Lithuanian multiparty system
Author: Batorshina I.
Article: Download
Electronic culture: a need for the interdisciplinary approach to the study
Author: Kriovsheev V.
Article: Download
The major transformations of scientific views on public ad-ministration: a sociological analysis
Author: Makarov S.
Article: Download
Social advertising in the modern communicative space: the experience of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Druker M.
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History of Russia
The legal status of the allotment land in the period of P. A. Stolypin’s agrarian reform
Author: Zaboenkova A.
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The Awareness Department of the Don Government in 1919
Author: Yegorov A.
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The elimination of Latvian khutors in Bashkiria in the Soviet era: the reasons, conditions and consequences
Author: Chegodaev Ye.
Article: Download
Self-employment of Russian population in the second half of the 1980s: the case of the Black Earth Region
Author: Pertsev V.
Article: Download
International history
The Neuchâtel Crisis of 1856—1857 and the British position
Author: Sergeev V.
Article: Download
The political success of the Baltic People’s Fronts as a result of the 1989—1990 elections
Author: Kinka S.
Article: Download
Regional history
The urban development in East Prussia in the interwar period
Author: Mitina Ye.
Article: Download
The development of a 1946 draft decree of the USSR Council of Ministers on populating the agricultural areas of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Maslov V.
Article: Download
The ethnocultural identification of the Belarusian population in the Russian publications of the late 18th — early 19th centuries
Author: Uglik I.
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After «the collapse of the empire»: British-American his-toriography of the first half of the 1990s on the parallels in the history of formation of the 20th century Lithuanian statehood
Author: Dementyev I.
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The first international research and practice forum «The Parallels: History and Everyday Life»
Author: Yefremov L.
Article: Download
Kalinnikov L. A. E. T. A. Hoffmann. The overcoming of ro-manticism
Author: Dementyev I.
Article: Download
Laurence Rees. World War II: Behind Closed Doors
Author: Zolov A.
Article: Download