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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2013 Issue №04

Fundamental and technical physics
Dynamical invariants and manipulation of electron spin in a quantum dot
Author: Ivanov A. I., Ivanov A. A.
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One method for constructing exact solutions of equations of two-dimensional hydrodynamics of an incompressible fluid
Author: Yrova A. A., Yrov A. V., Lukinyh I. V.
Article: Download
The relations for potentials of filtration flows in media with common boundary and there employing for founded solutions some problems
Author: Zaitsev A. A., Volyanskaya I. K.
Article: Download
Application of means of modelling of environment Simulink in problems of the analysis of quality of systems of regulation
Author: Soshkin G. S., Soshkin S. V., Rutkovskij A. L., Аrutunjants G. G.
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Radiophysics and radiotechnique
Investigation of distortions of the chirp signals in the neighborhood of critical frequencies of ionospheric plasma
Author: Zakharov V. E., Kotova D. S.
Article: Download
The dynamics of ground-level aerosol lidar observation in Kaliningrad
Author: Suslova O. P., Karpov I. V., Radievsky A. V.
Article: Download
Application of radio physical methods for diagnostics of functional properties of magnetic tunnel transitions
Author: Zubin A. Y., Astashenok A. V., Kupriyanova G. S.
Article: Download
Structural identification of the sulfonamides by the methods of IR and NMR spectroscopy
Author: Veremeychik Ya. V., Shurpik D. N., Kupriyanova G. S., Plemenkov V. V.
Article: Download
The solution of a problem of detection of a signal at vertical sounding of an ionosphere
Author: Pahotin V. A., Myalkovsky V. V., Pashenko Ju. А.
Article: Download
Ionospheric station of vertical sounding of an ionosphere «Vector»
Author: Myalkovsky V. V.,Vlasova K. A., Buzinsky N. L., Bessonov V. A.
Article: Download
Use of difficult signals at vertical sounding of an ionosphere
Author: Molostova S. V., Chernova I. B.
Article: Download
Research of process in bistable system when passing the mix of the harmonious signal and «white» noise
Author: Persichkin A. A., Shpilevoy A. A.
Article: Download
About opportunity of integration of antenna systems into bearing constructive elements of mobile objects
Author: Ponimatkin V. E., Tipikin A. A., Shpilevoy A. A.
Article: Download
Evaluation of noise stability reception FSK-signal by quadrature reception device
Author: Volkhonskaya E. V., Korotey E. V., Ivanov E. V.
Article: Download
A mathematical simulation and a numerical investigation of dynamics of intramolecular tautomerny transformation without considering processes of a proton relaxation. Part I. A description of a mathematical model
Author: Kvitko G., Kuzin E., Latyshev К., Shott D.
Article: Download
3D-simulation of equatorial F-spread: a comparing MI3 with SAMI3
Author: Matsievsky S., Kashchenko N., Ishanov S., Zinin L.
Article: Download
Mathematical simulation of almost periodic functions with values in Banach space by means of the multiplicator
Author: Kretov M., Malakhovsky V., Semenov V., Khudenko V.
Article: Download
Creations of a hardware-software complex providing dynamic balance and movement robotic system AR-600
Author: Lozhkin P., Tolstel’ O.
Article: Download
On problems of conversion functional enterprise management to process one
Author: Kornev S.
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Informatics and mathematical geophysics
Principles of geological interpretation of the scattered waves field
Author: Starikov L., Kirichek A., Kremlev A., Yerokhin G.
Article: Download
Modelling of microseismic noise of the block structuring rock massif
Author: Skazka V., Serdyukov S., Serdyukov A.
Article: Download
Development of technology for publishing very large spatial data volumes using open source systems
Author: Bryksin V., Kozlov A.
Article: Download
Numerical modelling of overburden rehandling by draglines
Author: Nazarov I.
Article: Download
Numerical solving the linearized inverse problem for two-parameter acoustic equation
Author: Pestov L., Filatova V.
Article: Download
Sufficient conditions of a correctness of statement of regional tasks for one class of the evolutionary equations
Author: Kamyshnikov A.
Article: Download
Numerical solution of the linearized inverse problem for acoustic equation
Author: Danilin A., Sedaikina V.
Article: Download