On the role of government regulation in creating conditions for the development of Russian regions: the case of tariff policy :: IKBFU's united scientific journal editorial office


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On the role of government regulation in creating conditions for the development of Russian regions: the case of tariff policy

Author Gerasimenko V. V.
Pages 65-73
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Keywords government regulation, pricing, tariffs, tariff policy, regional development, economic development
Abstract (summary) The elimination of disparities in the economic conditions of regional development is an important task of government regulation. The tariff policy influences the economic development of Russia and different regions. The market incentives for innovation are not sufficiently strong. The rise in prices and tariffs has a negative impact on cost structure and production efficiency. The research conducted shows the degree of variation in the level and dynamics of prices and rates in each region and provides a basis for analyzing the conditions of economic development and their comparison at a regional level. The paper shows the impact of tariff policy on the development of regional markets and the creation of conditions for economic development.
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