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There is only one science. Two sciences are impossible as two universes are
Alexander Herzen

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2013 Issue №03

In search of post-crisis development models
Author: Chuikin A. M.
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Theoretical problems of regional economy and entrepreneurship
The development of regional aspects of theory of entrepreneurship
Author: Bilchak V. S.
Article: Download
Approaches to entrepreneurship development through assessing the validity of economic knowledge
Author: Levina R. S.
Article: Download
The problems of assessing the efficiency of budget investment finacning through the prgoramme-target method
Author: Sergeev L. I., Revyakin D. N.
Article: Download
The evolution of the essence of the concept of “business efficiency” and its features in the regional media business
Author: Khadzhaev R. Sh., Nikonova I. M.
Article: Download
Economic aspects of border and coastal regions
A regional level of integration processes: the opportunities for public-private partnership (the case of entrepresneurship)
Author: Borodavkina N. Yu.
Article: Download
The basic trends in the development of bilateral trade between the Kaliningrad and Grodno regions
Author: Sergievich N. F.
Article: Download
An evaluation of the current condition of entrepreneurship within the Kaliningrad fishing industry
Author: Teplitsky V. A., Mnatsakanyan A. G., Dolgaya A. A., Scherba T. A.
Article: Download
Problems of applied economics
On the role of government regulation in creating conditions for the development of Russian regions: the case of tariff policy
Author: Gerasimenko V. V.
Article: Download
The role of statistical and economic and mathematical modelling in applied research
Author: Lukyanova N. Yu., Soldatova S. E.
Article: Download
The features and prospects of programming as a basis for the development of research in Russia
Author: Nosachevskaya Ye. A.
Article: Download
A methodological approach to the typology of regions on the basis of competitiveness evaluation
Author: Tyapushova Ye. V.
Article: Download
Prerequisites for organisational changes at manufacturing enterprises
Author: Shpak Ye. M.
Article: Download
Innovative aspects of economy modernisation
Tools for developing and implementing the innovative policy of a region
Author: Drok T. Ye.
Article: Download
The development of a mechanism for stimulating the innovative activity of small enterprises
Author: Duplenko N. G.
Article: Download
Strategic competitiveness of organisations in knowledge economy
Author: Chuikin A. M.
Article: Download
The impact of innovative factors on the development of Russian regions
Author: Shekhovtseva L. S., Grushnikov V. V.
Article: Download
Improvement of legal regulation of social relations
Possession and possessory protection: the problems of legal regulation and practical implementation in the context of civil law reforms
Author: Primak T. K.
Article: Download
The legal regime of taxation of education organisations in the Russian Federation
Author: Syubareva I. F.
Article: Download
The creation of a competitive investment climate in Russia as a basis for modernisation: the legal aspects
Author: Baranovskaya Ye. A.
Article: Download
The “Königsberg syndrome” in the law enforcement practices in the Kaliningrad region: the problems and the ways to solve them
Author: Kazakova G. V.
Article: Download
A legal analysis of the situation and informing the client at a legal clinic
Author: Yerokhina M. G.
Article: Download
On the establishment of state borders and delimitation of marine areas of the Russian Federation in the Kaliningrad region zone
Author: Rozhkov-Yuryevsky Yu. D.
Article: Download
On the competitiveness of regions in economic space
Author: Shekhovtseva L. S.
Article: Download