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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2013 Issue №02

Cognitive and discoursive aspects of linguistic research
The illocutionary aims of the positive-evaluative speech acts (in English artistic discourse)
Author: Bigunova N. A.
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On the role of anthroponyms in language and culture
Author: Boyko L. B.
Article: Download
Cognitive aspect of value meaning in colour idioms
Author: Bolotina M. A., Shabasheva E. A.
Article: Download
Characteristic features of a professional writer’s reconstruction activities in the context of retrospective discourse
Author: Bondareva L. M.
Article: Download
Conceptual modelling of the process of polysemy solution using the corps
Author: Boyarskaya E. L.
Article: Download
Some aspects of time verbalisation in the English and Russian languages
Author: Konnova M. N.
Article: Download
On the application of aspect bades approach method to semantic-funktional description of complex subordinate closes
Author: Koprov V. Y., Skrebova E. G.
Article: Download
Berlin in the contemporary German literature
Author: Potyomina M. S.
Article: Download
Grammatical antithesis as a mean of objectifiction of emotional meaning in the discource
Author: Samigulina F. G.
Article: Download
The background knowledge as a language indicator of the intentional manipulative proposition
Author: Soskina S. N., Sur E. I.
Article: Download
Feminization of lexical changes as a problem of gender linguistics
Author: Shemchuk Y. M., Andreeva A. V.
Article: Download
The possibility of translation as the criterion of language development
Author: Khukhuni G., Mazirka I.
Article: Download
Theory and practice of the professional training of linguists at the university
Implications of J. L. Holland’s theory: applicability of RIASEC structure and assessment to English language teachers of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Budarina A. O., Morozov O. G.
Article: Download
The scientific text for PhD students in interdisciplinary aspect
Author: Potyomina T. A.
Article: Download
Case-technologies as the means of managerial competence formation of bachelors of linguistics
Author: Tambovkina T. Y., Krakovskaya O. S.
Article: Download
The floor is given to young scientists
The tactics of appeal to happiness/regret as speech instruments for implementing the strategies of defining recipient’s emotional status
Author: Datsko D. A.
Article: Download
On the questions of correlation between semantic and social roles of adverbal actants
Author: Lakina N. Y.
Article: Download
The letter to itself: about communications problem in a picture of the world of N. Kononova (on a story example «The Amnesia Anastass»)
Author: Skryabina A. V.
Article: Download
The distinguishing characteristics of the existential LONELINESS verbal implementation in the authorial narrative discourse of F. Kafka
Author: Tkachenko V. I.
Article: Download
Cоncept of LOVE in religious consciounsness of J. H. Wichern
Author: Tsvetkova A. A.
Article: Download
Language specificity of the texts of political speeches of Angela Merkel
Author: Tsvetkova E. B.
Article: Download
The Theory of the Inner Form of the Word in the Semantic Research of A. A. Potebnja and W. von Humboldt
Author: Chernyak E. P.
Article: Download
Scientific life
Author: Т. П. Желонкина
Article: Download
Author: Л. М. Бондарева
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