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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2012 Issue №11

Theoretical aspects of education
A look in the past and the problems of modern mathematical education
Author: Kuznetsova I.
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The aptitude of university academic staff for managing social and legal activities of students
Author: Kuznetsova T., Toropov P.
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Poor academic performance at university from the perspective of graduates
Author: Artischeva Ye., Bryzgalova S.
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A functional approach to the typology of conflicts in the school
Author: Berezhnaya G.
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The international experience of integration of education, research, and business
Author: Neborsky Ye.
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The monitoring of university education quality in the context of competence model of training
Author: Polupan K.
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The methodological problems of the formation of a ”new educational infrastructure” for labor training and education of young people. A comparative case of the National Championship of Professions and Entrepreneurial Ideas
Author: Gil S.
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The component analysis and content of the methodological materials for teaching foreign languages from the perspective of changing educational environment
Author: Tambovkina T.
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Psychological and pedagogical studies
Health protection of students: the opportunities for health socialisation within the education system
Author: Simayeva I.
Article: Download
On the mathematical modeling of the space of mental images
Author: Glazunov Yu.
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The attitude of university students towards health behaviour in the context of nutrition: empirical research
Author: Kolbasina K., Alimpiyeva A.
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The psychological problems of development of professional culture of future lawyers in the context of its increasing quality
Author: Sokolova Ye., Lukyanchenko N.
Article: Download
The manifestation of perfectionism phenomenon in Russian research publications
Author: Talash Ye.
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Social and pedagogical support for the development of social communication network by deprived teenagers
Author: Lifintsev D., Antsuta A.
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Professional training
The methodical training of biology students: a systemic-environmental approach
Author: Mitina Ye.
Article: Download
Language identification of foreign language students
Author: Usha T.
Article: Download
Educational and professional training as a form of educational management in higher education
Author: Samsonova N., Samsonova M.
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Sports and healthcare technologies
The historiography of the problem of teaching basic swimming skills
Author: Tomashevskaya O.
Article: Download
The technological system of developing professional successfulness of a future engineer with poor health condition in the framework of university physical education
Author: Matukhno Ye.
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On the need for informatisation of physical education process
Author: Khramov V.
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Research of young scientists
On the competence approach to the development of “Psychology of health” master’s programme at IKBFU
Author: Prasova Ye.
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The development of universal learning actions in primary school students by means of project-task technology
Author: Chumakova I.
Article: Download
Self-preservation behavior in children of 3—5 years in the conditions of family upbringing
Author: Mekhovich G.
Article: Download
The problem of developing the motivation for sports in teenagers
Author: Korobeinikova Yu.
Article: Download
The development of aesthetic culture in youth and adults in the course of ballroom dance training as a pedagogical problem
Author: Babenko M.
Article: Download
The role of physical education in the professional training of specialists of the service sector at vocational secondary education in-stitutions
Author: Yavorskaya A.
Article: Download
Peculiarities of implementing supplementary professional education programs in naval educational institutions
Author: Parahina O.
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