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There is only one science. Two sciences are impossible as two universes are
Alexander Herzen

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2013 Issue №01

Author: Krasnov E.V.
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Geoecology and geochemistry
The transformation of roadside geosystems of the Smolensk region under the impact of motor transport complex
Author: Byshevskaya A.
Article: Download
The geoecological conditions of apiculture product manufacturing in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Gaeva D., Barinova G.
Article: Download
The production of ecologically clean drinking water on marine vessels with the help of nanotechnologies
Author: Braznovsky V.
Article: Download
The impact of changes in dissolved organic carbon concentration in a solution on the sorption of platinum compounds
Author: Tabler N., Schwesig D., Funtikov V.
Article: Download
Protection of steel from corrosion and hydrogen absorption by organic inhibitors: experimental and quantum-chemical studies
Author: Beloglazov G., Beloglazov S.
Article: Download
The modern natural-anthropogenic prerequisites for the transformation of eolian coastal-marine natural complexes
Author: Shaplygina T., Volkova I.
Article: Download
The significance of terrain for the assessment of natural complex sensitivity to human impact
Author: Zotov S., Pokrovsky A., Kesoretskikh I., Zotov I.
Article: Download
Remote research on the variability of the thermokarst lake shorelines in the Altai permafrost region
Author: Polischuk Yu., Sharonov D.
Article: Download
Karst rock types of the Perm region
Author: Katayev V., Maksimovich N., Mescheryakova O.
Article: Download
On the hydrogeology of karstosphere: the case of the Urals and the Urals region
Author: Gaev A., Kilin Yu., Minkevich I.
Article: Download
Hydrometeorology and hydrology
The types of atmospheric water circulation over the Atlantic and the formation of the extreme North Sea water inflows into the Baltic Sea
Author: Kozlovich V., Sapozhnikova Ye.
Article: Download
The results of the weekly monitoring of the Vistula Bay coast in the area of Pribrezhny village in 2011-2012
Author: Yesyukova Ye.
Article: Download
The computer simulation of tsunami wave breaking against a steep shore
Author: Kshevetsky S., Thiruvenkatasamy K.
Article: Download
The prognostic characteristics of storm floods in the mouth of the River Pregolya (in the Kaliningrad region)
Author: Moskalets V., Lyubimova O.
Article: Download
Soil science and botany
The buffer capacity of soils as alkalization ability
Author: Vinogradova S.
Article: Download
Oxidized iron horizons in the drained soils of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Antisferpova O.
Article: Download
The characteristic of the vegetative land cover of the Kaliningrad peninsula ecosystems
Author: Kurkina M., Dedkov V., Umansky A.
Article: Download
The morphological structure of the soils of the Kaliningrad peninsula natural ecosystems
Author: Umansky A., Kurkina M., Dedkov V.
Article: Download
The environmental characteristics of meadow plants of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Nesterova Yu., Bedareva O.
Article: Download
On the new habitats of Gypsophila paniculata L. in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Feschenko Yu., Petrenko D.
Article: Download
Social and economic geography
Maritime transport as a system-building element of the Baltic transnational transport region
Author: Melnik D.
Article: Download
On the indicators of sustainable territorial development
Author: Masserov D.
Article: Download
The typology of the medical and environmental situation in the municipalities of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Ushakova L., Kokhanovskaya M.
Article: Download
Spatial development of network entrepreneurial structures of the service industry: a methodology for selecting towns for opening new outlets
Author: Bolychev O.
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Academic life
Повышение квалификации по программе «Экология и природопользование»
Author: Колесова Н. С.
Article: Download
Международный форум по устойчивому развитию «Рио+20»
Author: Саускан В. И.
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