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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2012 Issue №12

History of Russia
Awards for charity in the Russian Empire: the case of charity departments under the auspicious of the House of Romanov
Author: Khitrov A. A.
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Herzen and conservatives: attraction and repulsion
Author: Shulgin V. N.
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Peasant affairs institutions in post-reform Russia
Author: Zhdanovich L. N.
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Ye. A. Polyakova — an expert on the history of landscape gardening (on the basis of archive data)
Author: Balabko T. V.
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The “illegal” branch of the Russian national patriotic opposition in the USSR: the case of the All-Russian Social-Christian Union for the Liberation of the People
Author: Vyrko R. G.
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International history
The role of trade and economic factors in English-Russian relations of the second half the of the 19th/beginning of the 20th century
Author: Sergeev V. V.
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The interaction between Lithuania and the USSR in 1920: disputable aspects
Author: Mankevich M. A.
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The historical and national sources of the development of the modern Polish-Lithuanian conflict
Author: Kretinin G. V., Fedorov G. M.
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The US marine fleet in the context of lend-lease deliveries to Great Britain and the USSR during World War II : the development programme and travel routes
Author: Sopin Yu. G.
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Regional history
Simon Dach in the history of Königsberg University
Author: Gilmanov V. Kh.
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The historical framework of the loss of pedigree livestock and sorted seeds in former East Prussia and the problem of its restoration in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Sologubov A. M.
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The ideological campaigns of the late Stalinism period at kolkhozes of the Kaliningrad region: everyday history
Author: Kostyashov Yu. V.
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Soviet-Polish cooperation in the mid-1970s — early 1980s: ideological contacts and the ideology of contacts (regional aspects)
Author: Krivosheev V. V.
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Historiography and source studies
Russia and the way out of the civilizational crisis: N. A. Berdyayev’s historiosophy and aesthetics
Author: Maltsev L. A.
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Concentration camp prose as primary source
Author: Andreichuk V. G.
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The restoration of the political independence of Lithuania in the late 1980s-early 1990s: a historiographical review
Author: Batorshina I. A., Megem M.Ye.
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Philosophy and cultural studies
The synergetics and rationality of modern Russian society
Author: Kuznetsova I. S.
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The role of logic and the study of rationality within N. O. Lossky’s ideal-realistic concept
Author: Popova V. S.
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Problems of analytic and synthetic propositions in the history of logic
Author: Pushkarsky A. G.
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The typological characteristic of culture in G. P. Fedotov’s philosophy
Author: Savintsev V. I.
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Services: the ethics and aesthetics of the game
Author: Ischenko V. G.
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Political science
The discourse of “European identity” in the conditions of the EU crisis
Author: Berendeev M. V.
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A letter to the editor
What did Winston Churchill say about the Battle of Gumbinnen?
Author: Dementyev I. O.
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The “Archaeological studies in the Kaliningrad region (in memoriam V. S. Suvorov)” international research conference
Author: L. A. Yefremov
Article: Download
The third TRIALOGUE “Between the Oder and Neman: the problems of historical memory” international conference
Author: V. I. Galtsov
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Strakauskaitė N. Kultūros kraštovaizdis prie Kuršių marių (The cultural landscapes of the Curonian lagoon area)
Author: Mankeviсh M. A.
Article: Download
Budakov V. V. The geopolitician Snesaryov: on the fields of battle and peace
Author: Chumakov A. D.
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