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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2012 Issue №10

Theoretical Computer Science
Formal languages and automata VII: Formal tree series (Part II)
Author: Aleshnikov S., Boltnev Yu., Ésik Z., Ishanov S., Kuich W.
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Mathematical Modeling
Mathematical modelling of filtration processes of moisture in heavy soils
Author: Kashchenko N., Malakhovsky V., Semenov V., Gritsenko V.
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Simulation of ion distribution near charged satellite by molecular dynamics simulation method. 2D approximation
Author: Zinin L., Ishanov S., Sharamet A., Matsievsky S.
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Dependence of the equilibrium state from initial data in numerical global ocean climate model
Author: Scherbakov A.
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Algorithms and Computing Methods
Cyclic version of “ – ” iterative method. Estimations of speed of algorithm convergence
Author: Ishanov S., Klevtsur S., Kozhurova A. I., Latyshev K., Khudenko V.
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Compact presentations for the approximants Padè
Author: Buzdin A., Vasiljeva E.
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Numerical solving the linearized inverse boundary value problem for the dynamical Lame system
Author: Danilin A., Pestov L.
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Artificial Intelligence
The decision of problems of designing on the basis of hybrid genetic algorithms
Author: Gladkov L.
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Some results of simulation of driving-robot control system
Author: Arzymetov A., Koryagin E., Oreshkov S., Tolstel’ O.
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Example of computer vision system based on neural network classificator
Author: Prooks V.
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Physics and radiophysics
Analysis of quasiperiodic structure of a flat bulk layer in a gravitational field
Author: Taranov V., Goushchin O., Milushkina D.
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Multiple RuO2-chip thermometer for applications in 0,02—30 K range
Author: Sheludyakov S., Kupriyanova G., Ahokas J., Vasiliev S. A.
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Computer simulation of power supply and control subsystems of solar electrically powered propulsion system using the elektroanalogy method
Author: Ryabov D.
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Effect of crystallite size of powder on NQR relaxation time
Author: Dolinenkov P., Sinyavsky N.
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Measurement of the attitude a signal/noise of a mix of a harmonious signal and narrow-band noise
Author: Persichkin A., Shpilevoi A.
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Other papers
Normalizations of hyperband
Author: Popov Ju.
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Mathematical modelling of almost periodic function by Banach space cones
Author: Kretov M., Leitsin V., Malakhovsky V., Semenov V.
Article: Download
About various approaches on visualizations for classical mathematic models
Author: Khudenko V.
Article: Download
Implementation persistent scatterers interferometry in MATLAB environment on a high performance computer cluster
Author: Yevtyushkin Y., Bryksin V., Filatov A.
Article: Download
Numerical recovering an absorption coefficient by BC-method
Author: FilatovaV.
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Formal models of a system of automated generation of programming tests
Author: Alsynbaeva L., Alsynbaev K.
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Скрыдлова Е. В., Белова О. О. Линейная алгебра : учебное пособие. Ростов н/Д : Феникс, 2012.
Author: С. В. Мациевский
Article: Download
Лабораторные работы по искусственному интеллекту. Среда MATLAB&Simulink. Нечеткие системы / авт.-сост. С. А. Ишанов, Е. В. Корягин, С. В. Мациевский, О. В. Толстель; БФУ им. И. Канта. Калининград, 2012.
Author: Н. М. Кащенко
Article: Download