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Science is but an image of the truth
Francis Bacon

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2012 Issue №08

On the linguistic category of modality
The role of explicator of situation modality in conveying spiritual awakening in L. N. Tolstoy’s novel Resurrection
Author: Tolstaya O.
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The modal microfield of necessity in official and business documents in the Russian and Polish languages
Author: Vaulina S., Magdalinskaya Ye.
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Complex sentences with the meaning of condition as representatives of modality in newspaper texts
Author: Kuksa I.
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Language — text — discourse
The transcendental nature of the language of prophetic texts
Author: Berestnev G., Maltseva Ya.
Article: Download
Borrowed speech in a written text
Author: Lomov A.
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Foreign inclusions as a discursive phenomenon: Russian words in foreign texts
Author: Novozhenova Z.
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Semantic diffusion: the bilingual aspect
Author: Shkapenko T.
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The ‘training’ concept in Russian military discourse of the 19th century
Author: Ulanov A.
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The image schema of “border” and its lexical representations in the Russian language: modifications of space
Author: Voronina T.
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On the work of A. N. Grandilevsky The birthplace of Mikhail Lomonosov from the perspective of linguistic cultural studies
Author: Kamalova A.
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Some features of urban speech in the context of language situation of the Arkhangelsk North
Author: Pleshkova T.
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The word and its poetical function
The lexical structure of the Life of St. Martyr Irina (according to the Synodal version)
Author: Uvarova I.
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The lexical unit beautiful as a means to express the axiological fragment of A. S. Pushkin’s world image
Author: Osintseva-Rayevskaya Ye.
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The resurrection of poetics from the spirit of rhetoric: the practices of formalism
Author: Tsvigun T.
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Two fragments of “poetic philology” of Russian avant-gardism
Author: Chernyakov A.
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The conceptualization of light and colour as a means to express the perceptive dominant in a poetic text (on the basis of the poetry of A. Blok and M. Voloshin)
Author: Alimpiyeva R., Taran S.
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The morphological and syntactic features of similes in Nikolai Sukhov’s fiction
Author: Chernousova O.
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The suffering and compassion deverbatives in modern Russian literature: a functional-semantic analysis
Author: Babenko N., Ushalova M.
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On the poetics of literature genres
The image of Svyatopolk in the Tale of Boris and Gleb: predestination or freedom of choice?
Author: Dorofeeva L.
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The unity of public and family morals in the comedies of Yekaterina II
Author: Akimova T.
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An “exceptional character” in G. G. Byron’s Mazeppa
Author: Zhilina N.
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H. Hesse. Kurgast: the genre nature and narrative strategy
Author: Malaschenko V., Koptsev I.
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B. Pasternak’s Black Spring: the image of time (the original and English translation)
Author: † Greshnykh V., Konnova M.
Article: Download
The concept of time in the late poetical cycles of R. M. Rilke and B. Pasternak: back to mythological sources
Author: Malevanaya-Mitardzhyan D.
Article: Download
Biblical motifs in B. Pasternak’s cycle Isn’t it Time for Birds to Sing as a structure forming principle
Author: Maltseva O.
Article: Download
The corporal features of incorporeal: the image of poet in M. Tsvetaeva’s poetry
Author: Krysanova A.
Article: Download
Sergiusz Piasecki’s The Tower of Babel: the poetics of the genre
Author: Mianowska J., Nefagina G.
Article: Download
The mythopoetics of Yu. Buida’s short story All the Floating by
Author: Gavrilova M., Dmitrovskaya M.
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Nobody’s girl riding a merry-go-round. On the intertextual code of Yana Dyagileva’s song
Author: Sviridov S.
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Роль и значение иностранных языков в международной коммуникации
Author: Н. А. Темирова
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