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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2012 Issue №05

Theoretical aspects of education
The virtual learning environment of Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics
Author: Kondratenko A.
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The technology of formation of learning and research culture in the lessons on the history of Western Russia at a rural school in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Mychko Yе., Sapunov A.
Article: Download
The phenomenon of culture in the research paradigm of humanities
Author: Klementsova N.
Article: Download
Internal analysis of the conformance of the quality of university student training to state educational standards
Author: Bugakova N.
Article: Download
The technology of differentiated conflict studies-based training of secondary school teachers
Author: Berezhnaya G., Bryzgalova S.
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Psychological and pedagogical studies
The essence of the aesthetical education of a child from the perspective of modern psychology
Author: Simayeva I., Kosheleva Ye.
Article: Download
Modeling of dynamics of distribution of attention in protses-sah a goal-setting
Author: Glazunov Ju.
Article: Download
Social support as a factor of overcoming the negative consequence of stress
Author: Lifintseva A.
Article: Download
The models and focuses of pscyhoeducation in medical practice
Author: Serykh A., Ivanova A.
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Professional training
A glossary for a social educator-researcher-logician engaged in organisational and communicative activity with teenage twins in the system of supplementary education
Author: Morozova T.
Article: Download
Modern approaches to the selection of teaching aids in a foreign (English) languages at a non-linguistic university
Author: Dmitrochneko N.
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The application of the hermeneutic technology of remote training the case of the Database course in the framework of Business Informatics bachelor’s programme
Author: Nazarov D., Begicheva S.
Article: Download
The features of T. P. Krasavina’s methodology: “Classical ballet: the flow of movement”
Author: Silkin P.
Article: Download
Physical culture and healthcare technologies
The modelling of professional activity of a specialist in physical culture and sports in a training computer environment
Author: Khramov V.
Article: Download
The formation of healthcare culture in students in a health preserving learning environment of a university
Author: Kudashev R.
Article: Download
Education and health
The provision of medical aid to students — a foundation for health protection of the future generation
Author: Korenev S., Fominykh A., Budilovsky G.
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Research of young scientists
The problem of training specialists for work on improving relationships among older preschool children
Author: Krakovskaya M.
Article: Download
The technology of preventing adaptation conflicts among first year-students
Author: Nikitina K.
Article: Download
Social competence as an indicator of training quality in rural schoolchildren
Author: Manko O.
Article: Download
The pedagogical dimension of the professional training of mid-level technical specialists
Author: Malakhova T.
Article: Download
Possible applications of the resources of the Mathematica programming environment to solving mathematical problems
Author: Ivanova N.
Article: Download
The model of formation of professional competence in future mid-level service industry specialists by means of physical exercises
Author: Yavorskaya A.
Article: Download
The problem of demand for university graduates and ways to overcome it
Author: Shumilov A.
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