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My faith is the belief that happiness will be given to humanity by scientific progress
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2012 Issue №03

Theoretical problems of economics
Theoretical and methodological problems of tax-related budget set-tlement in the Russian Federation
Author: Andreyanova N. I.
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Factors and risks of modern ecionomic dynamics: post-crisis tendencies in Russia
Author: Gerasimenko V. V.
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Investment attractiveness of Russian enterprises from the perpsective of transnational corporations
Author: Shersheva M.Yu., Buzlukovsa Ye. V.
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The thoretical aspects of analysis of economy’s potential at macro- and meso- (regilnal) levels
Author: Sukhinin I. V.
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The concept of open innovations and a study into the strategic potential of organisations
Author: Chuikin A. M.
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Regional business economy
Organizational support for the function-object approach to regional development in the systems of strategic management
Author: Shabalina Ye. I.
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Trends in the development of economic activity in the Kaliningrad region in 1992 – 2010.
Author: Borodavkina N.Yu.
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The key problems and dimensions of financial policy for small businesses
Author: Drok T.Ye.
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The features of providing telecommunication infrastructure for business activity
Author: Borisov D. V.
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The organisational and economic mechanism for attracting direct foreign investment at the regional level
Author: Prokhorov O. V.
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An economic analysis of the structure of amber processing industry
Author: Matveichuk K. I.
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Applied aspects of regional economics
Institutional support for the strategic management of regional development
Author: Shekhovtseva L. S., Artemyev I. A.
Article: Download
The sustainability of natural monopoly in regional markets: methodological prerequisites for an analysis
Author: Gogoleva T. N., Schepina I. N., Fedyaeva N. A.
Article: Download
State commissioning NGOs to perform social services as a mechanism of the implementation of regional socioeconomic policy
Author: Serbulov A. V., Perko M. V.
Article: Download
The development of municipal authorities' financial independence
Author: Mnatsakanyan A. G., Kokhan A. N.
Article: Download
The economic aspects of quality of information management systems: the case of Russia
Author: Lukyanova N.Yu.
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An assessment of the influence of economic crisis on the development of regions on the basis of integral current competitiveness index
Author: Tyapushova Ye. V.
Article: Download
Cluster policy as a mechanism to increase regional competitiveness
Author: Shcepkova I. V.
Article: Download
The resource potential of transborder cooperation between the Kaliningrad and Grodno regions
Author: Sergiyevich N. F.
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The concept of improving the methodology of exclave region's economy management on the basis of investment programming
Author: Kasimova T. V.
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Improvement of legislative control over social relations
The special legal treatment of investment activity in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Nilov K. N.
Article: Download
The legal status of institutions in the Russian Federation
Author: Syubareva I. F.
Article: Download
Liability of legal entities for tax crimes according to the Russian and US legislations
Author: Tsirit O. A., Soldatova L. N.
Article: Download
Some problems of the procedure of recognising a citizen as a person with low income for the purpose of providing accommodation in the framework of a social rent contract
Author: Kazakova G. V., Lonskaya S. V.
Article: Download
EU-Russia cooperation in the Baltic Sea marine environment protection
Author: Yezhova T. G.
Article: Download
The elite interaction in the post-Soviet Lithuania: the constitutional aspect
Author: Smirnov V. A.
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