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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2012 Issue №01

Author: Krasnov E.V.
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Physical geography, geology, and geoecology
On the influence of lithogenic factors on the condition of motorways in the Smolensk region
Author: Shkalikov V. A., Byshevskaya A. V.
Article: Download
On the formation and dynamics of eddy at the cost of Southeaster Baltic based on the data of remote sensing
Author: Gurova Ye. S.
Article: Download
Climate change in the dry steppe zone of the Tuva highland area
Author: Andreichik M. F.
Article: Download
The results of geochemical study of occupation earth of the Ryadino 5 archaeological site
Author: Druzhinina O. A.
Article: Download
Geoecological indicators for sustainable regional development
Author: Shikhotarova T. V.
Article: Download
Topical issues of seismic monitoring in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Karryev B. S.
Article: Download
Methodology of environmental and geographical research
Cultural landscape system zoning of the European part of Russia
Author: Andreev A.A.
Article: Download
Methodology of assessment of natural complexes sensitivity to anthropogenic impact
Author: Kesoretskikh I. I., Zotov S. I.
Article: Download
The methods and techniques of ecological zoning of urban territories
Author: Pogorelaya O. N.
Article: Download
Identification of palladium and rhodium mobility in atmospheric precipitation
Author: Tabler N. V., Schwesig D., Funtikov V. A.
Article: Download
Three-dimensional computational modelling of water cooling over the coastal slope: a comparison of hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic solutions
Author: Chubarenko I. P., Paliy A. A.
Article: Download
Comparison of the methods of total antioxidant activity analysis
Author: Chupakhina N.Yu., Tõnutare T., Moor U.
Article: Download
Biology and bioecology
Quality of life and its social and environmental indicators
Author: Sauskan V. I., Serykh L. O.
Article: Download
Environmental condition as a factor affection the health of Saint Petersburg residents
Author: Chistobayev A. I., Semyonova Z. A.
Article: Download
Phytoplankton production and chlorophyll content in different types of estuaries
Author: Aleksandrov S. V., Gorbunova Yu. A.
Article: Download
New data on heavy metal bioconcentration on the territory of the Baltic region
Author: Pukhlova I. A., Korolyova Yu. V.
Article: Download
On the role of Arctic cod in the nutrition of abundant bird species of the Barents Sea
Author: Borkin I. V.
Article: Download
New data on air and soil temperature in vegetation communities of the Karakum Desert
Author: Dedkov V. P.
Article: Download
Social and economic geography
Symmetry and asymmetry of higher education in the conditions of globalisation
Author: Tomskikh A. A.
Article: Download
Dynamics and natural population change in Belarusian Lake District in the post-war period
Author: Piletsky I. V.
Article: Download
Geographical factors as a principle of strategic planning of municipal entities
Author: Pogrebnyakov P. V.
Article: Download
A transport cluster as a variant of transport complex development
Author: Orlov S. V., Korneevets V. S.
Article: Download
On the concept of international transport region
Author: Melnik D. A.
Article: Download
The role of transborder cooperation in the increase of innovative potential of the Baltic region
Author: Baranova YuV.
Article: Download
The dynamics of development of cities and local budgets
Author: Kulikov G. K.
Article: Download
Academic life
Author: Ю. М. Зверев
Article: Download
Author: Цекоева Ф. К.
Article: Download
Author: Каррыев Б. С.
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New books
О СОСТОЯНИИ И ПЕРСПЕКТИВАХ КАРТОГРАФИЧЕСКОГО МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЯ / Сладкопевцев С. А. Тематическое картографирование : моногра- фия. М. : Изд-во МИИГАиК, 2010. 130 с.
Author: Краснов Е. В.
Article: Download