Kantian Journal

2019 Vol. 38. №2

Kantian Transcendentalism in Contemporary Philosophical Discussions. Report of the “Transcendental Turn in Contemporary Philosophy-3” International Workshop


The review presents the International Workshop “Transcendental Turn in Contemporary Philosophy-3: Nature (Specificities) of Transcendental Philosophy” held in Moscow on 19-22 April, 2018. The workshop was co-sponsored by the State Academic University for the Humanities, the Russian State University for the Humanities and the Foundation for the Humanities. The review examines the main topics of the workshop, summarises the main presentations and explicates the problem area of modern interpretations of Kant and the development of transcendentalism in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The presentations, questions and discussions centred around the main problems of transcendentalism: the differences between the phenomenon and the thing in itself, between the first and second editions of the Critique of Pure Reason, the relationship between realist and constructivist aspects of Kantian transcendentalism, the transformation of Kantian transcendental philosophy in Neo-Kantianism and phenomenology and more.

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