Kantian Journal

2018 Vol. 37. №2

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On Recent Russian Translations of Salomon Maimon’s Works



1. Maimon, S., 2010. Essay on Transcendental Philosophy. Translated by N. Midgley, H. Somers-Hall, A. Welchman and M. Reglitz. New York: Continuum International Publishing Group.
2. Maimon, S., 2017. Filosofskie trudy. T. 1: Opyt transcendental’noy filosofii [Philosophical Works. Volume 1: An Essay on Transcendental Philosophy], translated from German by G. Gimelshtein, I. Mikirtumov; edited by A. Ivanenko; Nabegi na oblast’ filosofii [Forays in the Field of Philosophy], translated from German by A. Ivanenko. St. Petersburg: Gumanitarnaya Akademiya.