Kantian Journal

2014 Issue №4(50)

The problem of antinomy of pure theoretical reason in Kant’s system


A thorough analysis of the structure of the treatise constituting the first Critique and its comparison with the analogous structure of the second and third Critiques show that the Critique of Pure Reason lacks such an important element as the antinomy of pure theoretical reason. Of course, it is implied in the text: Kant’s reasoning is based on it and takes it into account. However, it is not explicitly expressed. Instead of this crucial structural element, which would significantly simplify the understanding of such a complicated treatise, the Critique of Pure Reason presents the system of antinomies of the cosmological idea of pure reason. However, these phenomena are not identical — there is a great difference between the antinomy of pure reason and a system of particular antinomies of one of its ideas. The article addresses this complication and the reasons behind it and explicates the antinomy, which is reconstructed based on the entire body of Kant’s works. The authors considers Kant’s resolution of the antinomy.

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