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2013 Issue №3(45)

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On Hartmann’s transcendental realism



This text is a compilation of fragments from A. I. Ognev’s 1910 PhD thesis, which was awarded a gold medal. The personal archive of Father Savva (Mikhalevich) held two versions of the thesis – the hand-written (132 pages) and typed (141 pages) ones; the latter contains the author’s corrections. Some pages of the manuscript are missing. The front page of the typed version has L.M. Lopatin’s inscription: “The work of A.I. Ognev is most satisfactory. Professor Lev Lopatin”. The text is published according to the typed version by the kind permission of Father Savva. In doubtful cases (omission, mismatched word endings, etc.), the text was checked against and corrected according to the manuscript. All page-by-page notes are made by the publisher. The offered fragments are thematically linked to E. von Hartmann’s theory of cognition of Kant and Neo-Kantianism. A.I. Ognev’s photograph apparently dating back to 1906 – the year he was enrolled at the Philosophical Department of the Historical-Philological Faculty of Moscow University – is published for the first time (Moscow Central Historical Archive. Fund 418, Inventory 317, Case 784, Page 7 (narrow)/Page 8 (wide)).


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