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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2013 Vol. 4 № 3

Russian language teaching: Modern challenges and international practices. Round table proceedings
Author: Redaction
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The Russian language, dialogue of cultures, and F. M. Dostoyevsky
Author: Petkevič G.
Article: Download
Teaching colloquial Russian as a foreign language
Author: Sładkiewicz Ż.
Article: Download
The ways to increase motivation for learning literary Russian language
Author: Dronova A., Ovchinnikiva L.
Article: Download
On the formation of speech and communication values in students of technical universities
Author: Parshakova N.
Article: Download
The role of sociocultural component in teaching Russian as a foreign languages
Author: Khabarova O.
Article: Download
Folklore texts in teaching Russian as a foreign language: The perception of Russian folk tales
Author: Podruchnaya L.
Article: Download
The activation of languages and the self-awareness of students of philology
Author: Mampe J.
Article: Download
The aesthetic position of A. A. Delvig as a critic
Author: Pavlyak O.
Article: Download
A woman as seen by a man in modern Russian chanson
Author: Berestnev G., Yevstafyeva M.
Article: Download
Criminal songs: The hero and the plot
Author: Sviridov S.
Article: Download
The features of the Last Judgement theme in Galich icons at the threshold of the Modern Age
Author: Shamardina N.
Article: Download
The thought of death and overcoming of death in B. Pasternak’s cycle ‘Some Songs in Letters So She Won’t Be Bored’
Author: Maltseva O.
Article: Download
One day of a Russian traveller in Königsberg: N. M. Karamzin and a ‘fitting place’ in the world history
Author: Gilmanov V.
Article: Download
The intellectual interconnections between Königsberg and the Baltics in the 19th century
Author: Balode I. (translated from German by A. Vaskinevich)
Article: Download
The 3rd international workshop Folk Culture and Orthodoxy at IKBFU
Author: Martyanova S.
Article: Download