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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2012 Vol. 3 № 2

Russian language in the environment of another culture: problems and their solutions
Author: Babenko N.
Article: Download
Russian language: negotiation of political boundaries (Proceedings of the International Conference “Culture of language preservation of international communication in the CIS and Baltic countries”). Preparation and compilation T. Tzvigun
Author: T. Tzvigun
Article: Download
Dynamics of Russian-speaking environment in the CIS and Baltic countries: cultural necessity or pragmatic request?
Russian language and cultural-civilizational environment of the CIS
Author: Zolyan S.
Article: Download
Russian linguistic personality in the socio-cultural dimension of new expat community
Author: Mlechko T.
Article: Download
Latvian practice of organization of referendum for Russian language
Author: Gaponenko A.
Article: Download
Russian language as a unique means of international communication within the CIS
Author: Eshonkulov A.
Article: Download
Use of Russian language in the Estonian mass media
Author: Evstratova S.
Article: Download
About very significant and optimal status of Russian language outside Russia (on the basis of Belorussia experience)
Author: Charota I.
Article: Download
Problems of language policy and language development in multilingual Tajikistan
Author: Salimov R.
Article: Download
“In-between position” of predicate in a dialogue of languages and cultures
Author: Bondarev A.
Article: Download
Role of tradition of “truth finder” representation in contemporary literature of Kazakhstan in the context of international dialogue
Author: Sarsekeeva N.
Article: Download
Language educational policy in the CIS and Baltic countries: new trends
Culturological component of teaching Russian language as a non-native in the CIS and Baltic countries
Author: Kudoyarova T.
Article: Download
Russian language in Belorussia: state, perspectives
Author: Starichenok V.
Article: Download
About the status of Russian language, educational reform and teaching Russian language in Lithuania
Author: Balshaytite D.
Article: Download
State policy of the republic of Tajikistan in the sphere of development of Russian language in modern educational environment
Author: Karimova I.
Article: Download
Educational status of foreign language in the Turkic world of Eurasian multi-ethnic environment
Author: Dshusupov M.
Article: Download
Status of Russian language and problems of bilingualism in Armenia
Author: Dashyan N.
Article: Download
Russian school in Estonia: is there a possibility to save it?
Author: Kalakauskas I.
Article: Download
Russian language in Klaipeda schools: problems and victories
Author: Gneusheva L.
Article: Download
Arseniy Suhanov: pilgrim, writer, bibliophile
Author: Maltzev L.
Article: Download
Proskynetarion. Walking of starets Arseniy Suhanov (excerpt)
Author: Maltzev L.
Article: Download